Monday, 1 February 2016

Destination Star Trek 2016: The Wishlist So Far

Hurrah for Destination Star Trek!!!!

It's back in the UK two years after its last visit and on February 2nd, exactly 24 hours from the time I'm posting this, we'll be able to find out a few tantalising details of what's in store. Also seems that #DST is making it's way to Birmingham rather than London - big twist there if the reveal from Mr Shatner on Twitter was anything to go by! Roll on 12noon TOMORROW for our first announcements.

But,  just as we did before, let's have a think about what we want to see at this - unquestionably - huge event. Well, OK, it's the second biggest of the year in the UK after First Contact Day(!)

1. The Original Series Cast

Whether or not everyone wants to be in the same room as Shatner is always something worth a few lines of debate but it's 50 years and surely differences can be put aside for three days?  If not what about getting together as many guest stars as funds might allow for this three-dayer?

2. The Captains

We're not just talking the five from TV but also Chris Pine and - potentially - one other.  They're all worthy of being there as the leaders of their respective crews.

3. Preview of Star Trek 2017

When will we be able to refer to it other than by release year? This would be the perfect time to give us a trailer or two and maybe get some of the cast over for their first taste of fandom.  Maybe a little too much of a trial by fire but we gotta see it sometime and an unveiling at this event would send UK fans wild. Could we get our first footage? First sneak peeks of the new ship? We can dream/hope/pray (delete as applicable).

4. The Star Trek Encyclopaedia and the Okudas

The biggest Star Trek book launch of the year and it would be only fitting for those behind it to be at the UK's biggest Star Trek event in 2016. It's been a long time coming for an updated version of the ultimate reference guide to the future and I think it's a book that's on every fan's must have list for this year.

5. Love for the Fan Series

Can we have some time to appreciate the work of Continues and Phase II/New Voyages and more at DST 2016? Screenings, fan panels etc would be good to see as these guys and gals have been flying the flag for Star Trek since it went off air in 2005.  

6. Media

Rumour has it that at the 2014 event there was a media booth for us bloggers, vloggers and errant media beavers to use but no-one knew! Can we have some more info on this as I think it'll get a lot more use in 2016 - I could certainly find a use!!! As for a media session, it would be great to see if we could get a lot of us into a room for a chat!

7. Official Starships

Boys and toys moment as I would like to think Ben and the Eaglemoss team will keep a few gems secret for reveal at DST. I'm hoping he'll take along the specials from Beyond - and we know there are three ships from that and one of those is the Enterprise. But here's a thought I didn't drop into the piece on the Franklin - how do we know that he's talking about the Enterprise from the first two reboots?!?! (think about it....we know Ben doesn't like doing ships with minor changes).

8. Idris Elba

Now this would be a galactic coup? I know we've already spoken about getting Pine along to get the stage filled with all six screen captains (to date) but how about getting the villain of the summer Star Trek movie up for a Q&A with the fans? He is a Brit so this would just be a little trip down the road for one of our finest.

OK, so these are all just things I would like to see but who knows what's coming and who is coming. Will there be a full series cast reunion? Is it going to be Deep Space Nine rather than The Original Series? Will we get the whole crew from Beyond? How about a chat with Alex Kurtzman? We could go on...and I suspect after tomorrow we will!

What - or who - do you want to see at Destination Star Trek 2016?

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