Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Teaser: Exeter Trek's First (New) Frames

With all the concerns over productions such as Axanar and recently Horizon's sequel, Federation Rising, it's good to see a fan movie that's actually getting somewhere.

I featured Exeter Trek a while ago after discovering Star Trek: Exeter and then this new version at the same time. I reached out to John Sims, the man behind the project and found out a bit more. At the time all that existed was a very, very rough trailer and since that, a lot has changed.

Now, Exeter Trek has produced a new rough cut trailer that is more in line with John's vision for the project and it can be found right here on YouTube but what can we glean from these few minutes of new footage?

Aboard the experimental NCC-1672 USS Exeter the trailer opens to reveal that this is still going to be set during the Pike era rather than the Kirk era. The palette tones of the bridge and uniforms are more in line with the pale shades of The Cage even down to the blue railings and the lack of black collars.

The majority of the trailer however focuses on a three man away mission led by Captain Ellison J Moorey (John Sims). As it goes we have the away team decked out in the grey jackets and carrying those first versions of a phaser which much more resemble a ray gun than their successor in The Original Series.

Exploring a seemingly abandoned industrial area, the away team are evidently being watched by creatures unknown - are they mutated humans? A new alien race? We don't know but they are certainly hostile and have injured a senior Starfleet officer whom the Exeter away team manage to rescue.

Half of the trailer gives this brief introduction to the action of Exeter Trek plus a brief titilation of the potential effects that the production can add (a few phaser shots) while the second minute provides what might be the show titles and a few lines introducing the concept of the show and main cast.

I'll admit that it's not a lot to go on however the attention to detail with the set and costume does look perfect for that earlier era. The Exeter herself may not be seen in any action sequences in these three minutes but the passes we do get show that the CG has been produced magnificently, even down to a pass across the top of the ship which almost matches the opening shot of The Cage. Definite cudos for that one.

So Exeter Trek pushes onward and seeing this new footage gives me great and very optimistic hope for this "Pilot Era" show. It is quite basic in its approach at the moment but from speaking to John I know there's much more in the Exeter Trek pipeline.

Check out the trailer and more by visiting right here and now.

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