Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Trailer Three and the Light Revelations

Big round of applause for Paramount/Skydance/Bad Robot for a third and final trailer which tells us nothing more about Beyond. Honestly plotwise it's a blank but that's not to say we haven't got a lot more to chew on in this two minute titillation.

I was only thinking this morning that it must be due and his afternoon we received. Now I could just run through the clips as standard and see what we've got but there really is very little point because about 85% of it is exactly what we've seen already. It's also a little bit "London Bus" with nothing for ages and then two trailers within a matter of weeks of each other.

"We were overwhelmed by something...something we'd never seen before. I know this isn't the last of my crew but this is my last report as the captain of the Starship Enterprise."

The big reveal is Kirk's comment in his final log entry but this isn't unexpected seeing as the destruction of the enterprise has been a key part of every trailer. So too is there a bit more action showing Krall's men taking control of the starship but really it's a reorder of what we've already seen. So instead, here's a drop through of all the new stuff and its potential relevance.

Did you also spot the nice big swirly graphic that Kirk is looking at, presumably on Yorktown? There's one heck of a big nebulous thingy in the centre top which might be the nebula they are sent to investigate which leads them to Krall? The soundtrack does have a track that points to this!

Reflections on the events during the '09 movie versus the Narada, also shots of Kirk's dad on the Kelvin and finally Kirk looking up at the Enterprise being constructed in Iowa also from the same movie.

We also get to see a larger ship as part of the Swarm - there's a three pronged ship not dissimilar to a Xindi Insectoid fighter that screams across the screen at one point. Most likely the command ship or the craft from which Krall is able to board the Enterprise?

Intro shots of Starbase Yorktown - not used as much as trailer two and played down against the rest of the trailer which is very action orientated.

Krall's soldier shooting a trio of Starfleet officers - that is one serious gun he's carrying if it can take out three people in one shot. Krall's forces might not be like anything we've ever seen before so this could be a pretty brutal movie.

Clearer shot of the prison camp space - just as the crew are rounded up. Still no clearer on what that site is or why the crew are being incarcerated there. Are they being forced to dig for something? An artifact?

Rear shot of Kirk and Jaylah on the motorcycle - from the cycle sequence we've had in all three trailers now. Really have no idea where this fits or its purpose but it does look like Jaylah will be key in the fight against Krall.

There's a shot of something launching - could be saucer sep or an escape pod. I'd love to say this is the former and we are getting a shot from the saucer clip as the secondary hull drops away. Thanks to TheIrishTrekkie I've got this rather cool little comparison (left) to the unused Andy Probert sequence designed for The Motion Picture. Nice homage to an unused idea if this is the case. I wonder if the saucer sep is how the crew manage to escape Krall's forces as we also see the secondary hull riddle with holes and on fire beginning a downward spiral.

We get to see the Franklin speeding into a fiery situation towards the end of the trailer. Could this be the big climactic explosion they're escaping from? Also check out the still at the bottom of this article because it looks like the Warp Four starship is heading into some sort of distortion effect as part of its journey.

Longer sequence of Kirk watching the saucer crash from his escape pod. This makes it clear that the saucer makes a planet fall as it drops away from Kirk's view. Check out the fact that there's no bits of the secondary hull attached to it which holds up to the suggestion that the saucer sep is crew initiated rather than being ripped off in the attack. Also check out the ridiculous amount of damage that the saucer is carrying on it's downward spin.

Kirk and Chekov being led through a forest by an unnamed alien wearing a Starfleet evac suit. This is the same alien we saw in that bridge shot a few weeks ago. The biggest shot of the trailer though comes right after that where we have Kirk and Chekov looking down to the crashed saucer section. What is it that they need to get back to find? Also given that the evac suit the alien is wearing has differences to that of Kirk and Chekov's, could this be a lone survivor from the Franklin? Also in line with this they must be on the saucer for a while or it takes a time to get there since their escape from its wreckage takes place in the dark.

That's a decent amount of new shots but nothing really big and jaw dropping to reveal anything about the movie more than we already know. I still can't believe how little we have to go on less than a month to premiere!

The Rhianna track (available now) gives it an almost romantic feel and means that each trailer has its own distinct approach to the film and markedly different considering the journey we've come on since Sabotage blared out over the first one! Funny how she came out as a fan just before this was released huh?! I'm saying nothing.

Rather than give us lots of new material there's been a distinct edge to each tease we've seen whether it's action, more character related or now more ethereal. They're certainly trying to cover every audience base. This one does seem to have a leaning back to the action and thrills of the first trailer but that Rhianna single doesn't make it anywhere near as intense or as Fast and Furious. It's actually nowhere near as obviously an action movie as trailer one but I'm not convinced we're in for deep and meaningful character development when you couple what we see here with Chris Pine's recent comments around not being able to make a Star Trek movie that isn't an action flick. 

Reflecting back on the third Into Darkness trailer in comparison we were handed a lot of new info including much better images of the Vengeance and a brand new trailer overall which gave me a lot to discuss. Beyond is playing a much longer game with a strong poker face. Nothing is being given away and I do mean nothing even at this time.  Looking back on that trailer I felt as optimistic as I do now. I'm keeping fingers crossed that this will still be maintained after 22nd July.

"Let's make some noise..."

What did you spot in the new trailer? Still confident we're in for a better experience than Into Darkness?

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