Saturday, 11 June 2016

Some Kind of Star Trek: Podcast Episode Two

Back for a second bite and you can find our show notes plus a link to the cast itself right here!

Listen to episode two right now by heading over to Soundcloud or you can find us out there on iTunes by searching "Some Kind of Star Trek". Please rate and review to ensure we keep making more!

This month

  • Star Trek Beyond art work and general promo work
  • 2017 series writers and prospects
  • Teaching Tiff about Star Trek fan series
And here's a few additional notes

Fan series

Star Trek Continues – 2013 to present
7 episodes (6 made)            
Pilgrim of Eternity, Lolani, Fairest of Them All, White Iris, Divided We Stand,Come Not Between the Dragons
TBC Embracing the Winds
Check out our reviews here

AKA Phase 2 from 2008 to 2015
First with extensive standing sets
Takei and Koenig have appeared, Grace Lee Whitney, Denise Crosby, William Windom, Malachi Throne
Come What May, In Harms Way, To Serve All My Days, World Enough and Time, Blood and Fire, Enemy Starfleet, The Child, Kitumba, Mind Sifter, The Holiest Thing
TBC Bread and Savagery, The Protracted Man

 Check out our reviews here

Star Trek Exeter  - 
Only two episodes made
2002 and the second took 10 years to be fully released
The Savage Empire, The Tressaurian IntersectionBridge still exists in Starbase Studios

One episode and Federation Rising axed
Here's our review

Star Trek Farragut – 2007 - present
The Captaincy, For Want of a Nail, The Price of Anything, Conspiracy of Innocence
Latest is The Crossing
TBC Homecoming
Live action and animated *two*. Just released new ep The Crossing

Have discussed Dreadnought Dominion, Exeter Trek, Axanar, Star Trek Ambush, Anthology too!

John Carrigan
  • in five eps of New Voyages and one vignette
  • Veteran of Of Gods and Men (Kel’Mag), Star Trek Renegades (Admiral D’Agosta/Klingon Captain
  • Stunts on Phase Two 
  • Acting since 1997 in numerous productions including Brittas Empire
  • Producer on No Win Scenario short for New Voyages

Next month we'll be talking mental health in Star Trek plus our chompings over a couple of the latest news stories.

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