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Simon and Schuster

Devil's Bargain - Tony Daniel
Allegiance in Exile - David R George III
The Weight of Worlds - Greg Cox
The Folded World - Jeff Mariotte
The Shocks of Adversity - William Leisner
From History's Shadow - Dayton Ward
No Time Like the Past - Greg Cox
Serpents in the Garden - Jeff Mariotte
Foul Deeds Will Rise - Greg Cox
Savage Trade - Tony Daniel
Crisis of Consciousness - Dave Galanter
Child of Two Worlds - Greg Cox
The Latter Fire - James Swallow
Elusive Salvation - Dayton Ward
Legacies Book 1: Captain to Captain - Greg Cox
Legacies Book 2: Best Defense - David Mack
Legacies Book 3: Purgatory's Key - Dayton Ward &Kevin Dilmore

Cold Equations Book One: The Persistence of Memory - David Mack
Cold Equations Book Two: The Silent Weapon - David Mack
Cold Equations Book Three: The Body Electric - David Mack
The Fall: The Crimson Shadow - Una McCormack
The Fall: The Poisoned Chalice - James Swallow
The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms - Dayton Ward
The Light Fantastic - Jeffrey Lang
Takedown - John Jackson Miller
Armageddon's Arrow - Dayton Ward
Prey Book 1: Hell's Heart - John Jackson Miller
Prey Book 2: The Jackal's Trick - John Jackson Miller
Prey Book 3: The Hall of Heroes - John Jackson Miller
Headlong Flight - Dayton Ward
Hearts and Minds - Dayton Ward
Collateral Damage - David Mack

The Fall: Revelation and Dust - David R George III
The Fall: The Crimson Shadow - Una McCormack
The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses - David Mack
The Missing - Una McCormack
Sacraments of Fire - David R George III
Ascendance - David R George III
Force and Motion - Jeffrey Lang
The Long Mirage - David R George III
Gamma: Original Sin

Protectors - Kirsten Beyer
Acts of Contrition - Kirsten Beyer
Atonement - Kirsten Beyer
Pocket Full of Lies - Kirsten Beyer

Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures - Christopher L Bennett
Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel - Christopher L Bennett
Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic - Christopher L Bennett
Rise of the Federation: Live By the Code - Christopher L Bennett

Star Trek (2009) - Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Into Darkness - Alan Dean Foster


A Very Klingon Khristmas - Paul Ruditis
The Klingon Art of War - Keith R A DeCandido
Ships of the Line (2014 edition) - Doug Drexler

The Lost Era: One Constant Star - David R George III

Seekers: Second Nature - David Mack
Seekers: Point of Divergence - Kevin Dilmore
Seekers: Long Shot - David Mack
Seekers: All That's Left - Dayton Ward

Section 31: Disavowed - David Mack
Section 31: Control - David Mack

Titan: Sight Unseen - James Swallow

Warped - Mike McMahan

Titan Books 

Star Trek Costumes - Paula M Block and Terry J Erdmann
The Autobiography of James T Kirk - Edited by David Goodman
The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard
The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway

Little Brown Books

Set Phasers to Stun - Marcus Berkmann


The Star Trek Book - Paul Ruditis

Thomas Dunne Books

Nimoy - William Shatner

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