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"You're all astronauts on some kind of star trek..." - Zephram Cochrane

Now in our eighth year, Some Kind of Star Trek continues to evolve. Now covering everything right up to the latest episodes on Netflix and Amazon Prime, we'll be packing in as much original content, reviews, discussions and opinions wherever possible as the franchise rumbles on.

So who will be aiding us on this journey forward? Let us introduce the SKoST Contingent...

Clive Burrell

Writer; Some Kind of Star Trek

Born and raised intravenously on The Original Series before turning to the worlds of The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine and beyond he had originally intended to be a journalist but other things took control and writing, as well as Star Trek, took a backseat in life. After some interesting twists and turns he's returned to both the writing world and to the Star Trek fraternity to discuss his passion for the franchise and hopefully be joined along the way by life-minded fans and new friends.

Clive is involved as XO on the Stoke on Trent club where he also writes and edits their monthly magazine, The Warp Core

His opinions on Voyager and Enterprise? That's material for at least two articles if not more and undoubtedly a subject we'll have a lot to talk about!

With this restored interest in the franchise Clive has been embarking on a mammoth re-watching of the whole series. It's been the best of times, the worst of times (Shade of Gray) but it's also allowed him the chance to introduce a new generation of potential Trekkers to the show. 

On Some Kind of Star Trek the aim and the promise is to create fresh and interesting content around the Star Trek universe and not get bogged down by relating just one more plot synopsis to clog up the internet so discussing the merits, themes, tech and more should never be a problem - there's even the probability we'll point readers in the direction of some new Star Trek experiences around the web!

Backed by an extensive reference library and over 35 years of watching, breathing and drinking in every single episode and experience of Star Trek possible, Clive intends to leave no subject unexplored - although not on his own! There's a wealth of talent and Star Trek knowledge out there to find and get on board and a whole range of formats he'd like to explore through Some Kind of Star Trek.

Twitter: @thewarpcore

Tiff Groves

Co-Host on The Podcast, Co-Writer Some Kind of Star Trek

Tiffany grew up on the Sunny south coast of England, in Hastings.

As a lifelong artist, she has had a varied career in Abstract art paintings and commissions from all over the world. She also has ongoing regular commissions for her realistic pencil drawings of sci-fi/fantasy themes. Her introduction to Star Trek was via The Next Generation when it started to air regularly on TV in the late '80s/Early '90s.
Then, after inadvertently marrying a Trekkie in 1997, she was re-introduced to the further aspects of the genre; movies, models, toys, and the delights of Deep Space Nine and Voyager (and later, Enterprise in the early 2000's).

Star Trek, she believes, is an organic concept, ever evolving and through the movement of society and politics becomes relevant in different ways to different generations. Tiff also studied astrophysics at UCL and so became schooled in the cold reality of science and yet how Star Trek still managed to stay (mostly) on course in terms of feasibility.

Some Kind of Star Trek is a way of broadcasting that experience of being a Star Trek fan to hopefully the next generation of fans.

Twitter: @skrrll
Instagram: @skrrll

Ian Kimmins


A Star Trek fan since early The Next Generation days, Ian's fandom quickly spread to The Original Series and The Animated Series. Once Deep Space Nine arrived we were in the golden age of Star Trek with multiple shows and episodes each week. From then on it was books, comics, conventions and anything Star Trek he could get his hands on!

Once Enterprise ended with a whimper other things started to take over for awhile but you can't keep a good Star Trek fan down. With his fandom reengaged he began a re-watch of epic proportions from Enterprise right the way through to Voyager!

Ian also has the honour of getting married about the USS Enterprise-D!!

When not writing for Some Kind of Star Trek, Ian can be found online on Twitter and Instagram @irishtrekfan generally talking all things Star Trek!

Past Contributors

Dan Adams

Mark Thwaite

Tom Marsland

Carl Thomson

Hayley Atherton

Joe Hardacre

Thank you all for helping Some Kind of Star Trek on its journey.

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