Sunday, 11 October 2015

30 Days of Trek - Day Eleven

Where do you start with this one? 

I know my Twitter friend @Mr_Picard will rightly extol the merits of the costumes from seasons one and two of The Next Generation and you know what,  he's probably right because they are a sign of the times as well as the crackers extremes that William Ware Theiss (Robert Blackman did seasons three to five) could go to so I'm going further afield  with this question since there have to be some awful costuming occasions away from those 48 episodes. 

In fact I even considered some of the fab productions as the horrid,  we designed them too big  Starfleet uniforms for Renegades. Hideous and unforgivable considering how the rest of the cast faired.  

Ok where does that leave me then? Still with a decent range of material to choose from and I go for... Chekov's page boy look from The Search for Spock. Jeez. It was so bad that he was the only one of the cast who got a costume makeover for The Voyage Home. Yes, go and check it out he really is the only one who isn't in the same clobber as the third movie.

Everyone else gets some decent stuff, leather jacket, maroon two-piece (?!) but poor old Pavel gets a pink choir boy outfit more suitable for Little Lord Fauntelroy. Fortunately he didn't have to suffer in it for two movies but in my opinion it's probably the most degrading outfit in the history of Star Trek and yes, I've considered those skants, the jumpsuits from Justice and even some of O'Brien's shirts from his off-duty wardrobe on Deep Space Nine.

I'm positive I'll have missed a ton of other really good suggestions here so I can't wait to see what you guys think!

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