Wednesday, 21 October 2015

30 Days of Trek - Day Twenty-One

Professor X or Gurney Halleck? TJ Hooker? Robert Duncan McNeill in Masters of the Universe? Or was seeing Nana Visitor guest star in Knight Rider your favourite (yes that did happen)?

Day twenty-one offers a little bit of leeway but I would ask to keep this to MAIN CAST only or we're going to just be naming just about every actor of the last 50 years.Of course even the main cast of the five series have done a lot of work away from their franchise roles but which is the one that might well have been as good if not better than their role in Star Trek?

With today being the 21st October 2015 it would only be fitting to direct my attention to something related to time travel. For note, John de Lancie appeared in Time Trax and I'd be remiss to tip the hat to Christopher Lloyd in The Search for Spock, particularly given today's temporal significance.

However, there's one even better example that does mean I keep to my guidelines of the main cast (which clearly I didn't do there) - Mr Scott Bakula in five seasons of Quantum Leap. I was a little young to watch it on the first run but to this day I think it demonstrates some of the most versatile acting I've ever seen as Bakula literally had to change who he was each week. Rather than an alien world it was a different person and a different situation all in one with just Dean Stockwell to keep him sane. Oh - and there was a damn fine theme tune too which I've been whistling all day (not the last season one).

Quantum Leap was a show with a difference and a great sci-fi/fantasy experience. For reference the two-part The Leap Home and The Leap Back were a couple of my favourites. As a character Doctor Sam Beckett was very different to Jonathan Archer and that does show just how broad a range of roles - and either gender - that Scott Bakula could adapt to. Each week was unique, a random place, a new challenge with a solid message, some of the best TV I watched in my younger years and when I discovered who would play Archer I was very excited to see what he would do. Whether or not he succeeded 100% I would debate!

As a second place I'd have to go with a guilty pleasure and Leonard Nimoy in two voice roles within the Transformers universe. Now without looking do you know what they were...?

Question twenty-two will be with you tomorrow!

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