Sunday, 11 October 2015

Let's Make Something Up: Beyond News

As someone writing for an audience it royally narks me off when sites stick a ton of exclamation marks on a headline and make something up completely.

As filming for Star Trek Beyond has now moved to Dubai there have been a slew of pics featuring walls of green-screens and the section of ship that we can see above. Filming kicked off with a press conference on 30th September with the production set to be in the country for 13 days. Apparently that will also mark the end of principal photography which is rather exciting isn't it?!

Theorists are already suggesting that the header image above may be a section of the USS Enterprise saucer but I have to say that having the ship mashed in two successive films would be a mistake and I think Simon Pegg knows his audience better than to rely on crunching the flagship AGAIN and hey, they planted the Vengeance too if we're counting.

So it could be another vessel and not necessarily Starfleet (although the colour scheme would lean towards that) but I think it's too early to say. The window alignment and the panel lines do tend to make me think it is Starfleet and what's going on with those two lifted sections of the hull? It's nice to have some guesses but let's keep them at that shall we.

What got me riled this week was the sensationalist headline from Hollywood Life declaring that TMZ had shots showing damaged interiors of the Enterprise. Apparently there was something "big" going on in the photos but anyone with a fraction of a brain could tell they were pics of the set being built and not being destroyed. They did include some of the location from Vancouver but the lead story was a little misleading. Ok, a lot.

And another thing. How many more times am I going to read that someone has an exclusive that Idris Elba has revealed who he is playing when in fact it's just a copy and paste job of his comment about how Simon Pegg had written the character and that Elba's "baddie" would be very different and interesting (like we've never heard that before). Look, it's going to be a guarded secret who Idris is playing and I can't wait to find out but are some sites so desperate for readers that they insult them by untrue headlines. Star Trek fans are more intelligent than that and want facts rather than spurious rumour. 

Heck, I nearly had a winge at TrekCore for showing the poster that's being used for promoting Beyond at the MIPCom event in Cannes (left) as the first one for the movie. Luckily I read further and that they had in fact pointed out that the cast shots are from the 2009 movie and this is some sort of "place-saver"/reminder. Also note that the font for the title was made up for TrekMovie's announcement of the title a few months back so this is 100% conjecture if ever I saw it.

When it comes to cold hard facts we still only have the material from the Vancouver shoot to go on plus the numerous sneak-shots of the exterior ship section to go on. I'm now finding I tend to look at every weblink proclaiming to have detailed info on the movie with a tanker full of salt and I'll be sure to get my updates from the most reputable of sources. If you want that then I suggest dropping onto TrekCore's posts HERE and HERE.

Heard any good Beyond stories? Something that's actually worth talking about and not just irreverent rubbish? Let me know...

All images in this article taken from TrekCore lead articles linked above.

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