Wednesday, 28 October 2015

30 Days of Trek - Day Twenty-Eight

Let's go theoretical for our next challenge.

We've all got those favourite episodes, the ones we dislike and potentially some that just don't sit quite right with us.

So that's what today is all about - those episodes that faded to black and you thought "Hey, I would have done that another way..."

For this one I did have to cycle through a few options to find an episode that suited the question but there was no doubt when I did.

I went for The 37's from the first/second season of Voyager. Multiple times I've mentioned this story I've said how it fits much better at the end of that first year but one point still niggles. At the end of the episode Janeway and Chakotay find that no-one has decided to stay behind with the human colony they found. It's a gloriously positive end to the season (if you watch it in production order) showing how the Maquis and Starfleet crews have come together and committed to finding their way home.

But y'know I would have had a few of both crews stay behind. Why? Because one of the things that was evident early on was the chance to bring some conflict to Voyager between the two factions. That was quickly forgotten (grrr) but having a few decide that life on the starship wasn't for them would have kept that element alive and made things less than settling. 

Having everyone willing to follow Janeway after just a few months never sat easy with me and I think that mixing it up a little bit at the end of the season might have added in a pinch of spice for the second season and maybe added some weight behind the Jonas/Kazon story.

What change would you make and to which episode?

Check back on all the previous questions HERE and join me for question twenty-nine tomorrow. Remember that on October 31st there will be an Ask Me Anything opportunity to end the challenge!

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