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Beyond Round Up T Minus 1

There is but a week to go. Just a few days left until we can finally see a Star Trek movie back in the cinema and already the reports are suggesting that this is the best one of the three.

Now for the cynics out there I can hear the chant of "Well that's not hard..." but let's stay positive and actually see it for ourselves before we pass ultimate judgement. The good news is that a fourth film is all but started - at least that's how JJ Abrams makes it sound but then let's just remind ourselves that the lawsuit against Axanar was also "going away"...

Also he's termed the loss of Anton Yelchin as irreplacable - so does this mean Chekov will or will not be recast? I'm actually thinking they might not bring the character back for the fourth movie after the recent tragedy.

Well now, what's been happening this week? Promotionally we've had a raft of new teasers which have shown off some cool new bits of the film from Krall, to Jaylah and Yorktown backed with Rhianna or the Beastie Boys. At least we're staying themed.

It has been a much more subdued campaign than the onslaught we faced from Into Darkness but I've appreciated that a lot more and its been more enjoyable. Plus we haven't had to deal with the "Is he Khan/Isn't he Khan furore" that impaled the movie before it had screened.

So to the trailers and we kick off with a Krall teaser which features Idris Elba and director Justin Lin talking about the role mixed in with behind the scenes footage of Krall and Kirk taking chunks out of each other. Is that on the Enterprise? Underneath Yorktown? Anyway it's about putting three-dimensions to the role and discussing just what is behind the aline rather than just hating the Federation. There was also a Jaylah featurette including words from Lin and actress Sofia Boutella talking about her warrior nature. You can also catch a featurette on the making of the Rhianna Sledgehammer video which covers the fact that they incorporated elements from the movie into the track such as the Swarm and the reversal of gravity we've seen in the main trailers.

The U.K. Premiere has been and gone with a ton of photos all over the internet from the event on the 12th July. Notably director Justin Lin commented to TrekCore that there was almost enough script for two movies and there were a lot of great sequences that were cut purely because of time. This included a segment that would have focused just on Krall's Swarm soldiers and given them a bigger fleshing out than they receive in the final cut. No news on what extras might make their way onto the DVD and Blu-Ray....

New spots

"We change. We have to or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles...This is more than a rescue mission.These are my family. We're not leaving anyone behind."

First up there's We Change which is a more sombre teaser than we've seen before focusing on the destruction of the Enterprise and signposting "Sacrifice", "Protect" and "Unite" as part of the promo. Not a lot of new bits here aside from a cool shot of the Franklin facing the oncoming Swarm and Sulu in command of the Enterprise. The Kirk quote above is played out over the teaser's 30 seconds.

Second we have Skills which highlights Jaylah's role in the movie and giving lots of new shots of her kicking ass as she rescues the crew from a series of alien assailants. Tinged with a touch of comedy ("I do not know what is welcome mat.") it shows off the more energetic elements of the movie from Jaylah fighting Krall to the attack on the prison/quarry installation, Kirk's holographic bike distraction as well as some serious footage of an air battle within the confines of Yorktown plus we get Jalylah's approval of Kirk's music choices; "I like the beats and shouting".

There's a brief Uhura slot too but the bulk of the new footage comes in Come with Me again spun around the Jaylah character. Starting out with a new sequence we get to see her rescue Scotty from an alien group. There's a ton more of the usual action packed footage but the big money shot is right at the end with Yorktown under direct - external - assault from the Swarm. Well worth a watch.

Added just yesterday we got Shields Up which takes us into the early stages of the movie and the crew's first sighting of the Swarm. Initially appearing as a single vessel, it's more deadly nature becomes quickly apparent. There are also some closer shots of the new alien that's popped up a few times in the other trailers. From the hints in the trailer it appears that Kayala (Lydia Wilson) knows more than she is making out. Again note that the uniform is the survival suit rather than the gold/blue/red suggesting a visitor rather than a crewmember.

Last but not least there was Scotty Meets Jaylah and the title is pretty self-explanatory as the warrior meets the engineer for the first time. Even this clip shows just how much Jaylah knows about the planet on which the Enterprise crew have crashed on and even name-drops Krall as the reason for their situation.

The IMAX poster has been revealed and it's a variation on the very first movie poster that was released what feels like months ago but was actually not that far back! Not a lot to analyse here except for the addition of that huge IMAX across the middle. There were unique posters also issued in IMAX cinemas for Into Darkness in 2013.

Zachary Quinto on Lorraine

As part of the promotional campaign for Beyond, the Spock actor dropped in to Lorraine this week in the UK and spoke about his experiences with Leonard Nimoy, how he found working on the Pegg/Jung script and also briefly about the loss of Anton Yelchin and how it will be sad that he will not be able to join the rest of the crew as they travel the globe premiering the third instalment.

Hungary Drink Toppers

Those lucky Hungarians get a closer look at the ships from the movie with these rather cool little collects less at the flicks. There's a Swarm ship, the Franklin and the rebooted reboot USS Enterprise in full 3D plastic glory. While they won't be a patch on the Eaglemoss starships, they do give a first glimpse of the key craft featured in the movie. 

A lot to take in there as we enter the final week of promotion ahead of the 22nd July public release date here in the UK. What will we get to see between now and then I wonder?

Are you looking forward to Beyond?

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