Sunday, 10 July 2016

Beyond Round Up: T Minus 2

Hello (cue long echo).

That's what it felt like for good part of this week with, frankly, jack all being released in regards to Beyond. I think there might have been more news in relation to what I ate for lunch on Tuesday than there was for this movie.

Honestly I've actually held back this one just because there was such a lack of info forthcoming. OK. The biggest news that's been rocking the house has to be the revelation that Hikaru Sulu is gay.

As I mentioned on the fourth podcast this week, it's been blown out of proportion and I think the way in which it's been publicised alongside George Takei's less than stellar approval hasn't helped. I get that the news this will be the franchise's first openly gay character in 50 years is a massive thing and should be celebrated but then there's the counter-point that they are playing around with an established character plus the writers are "outing" him after two films are already in the can. Horse/stable door?

I'm impressed they've actually done it and made this a reality after so long and so many dances around the houses with The Next Generation's The Outcast and Deep Space Nine's Rejoined being the worst culprits in my opinion. Both just avoid actually getting to the point which lets them both down tremendously.

I hope that the news around Sulu isn't bolted in badly and works with the film rather than feeling like an afterthought. We'll find out in a couple of weeks...

Krall Pictured

What is he doing? Is this his new work out regime or just one of those pics that's not come out quite as it was originally envisaged? At least it's a new pic from the film in a week where we've had very little apart from the very restricted Australian premiere.

I quite like the black and white shot. Bit classy, bit unusual for this movie. Also - could that item he's holding have something to do with the "artifact" we keep hearing is aboard the USS Enterprise and the reason that Krall attacks? Is it some sort of control device or a weapon of mass destruction?1


Talking of premieres, the UK one is now set for the 12th July and speculation seems to have the running time at around two hours. Not the longest Star Trek film but certainly not the shortest - we're looking at you, The Motion Picture and Insurrection... Also it's now been announced the movie will receive a PG-13 rating in the US which might indicate a 12 rating in the UK.

And Finally

We did get two new TV spots to chew over but only on Saturday. Unity (which is not our strength according to Krall) gives us some new footage of the Enterprise being ravaged by the Swarm as well as the Franklin approaching Yorktown. Take a close look at the starbase because it's clearly under attack which puts this towards the back end of the film. Aside from that new Krall quote, this is another business as usual spot. 

Millions of lives are in your hands; I believe in you, captain.

The Korean Millions teaser opens with that quote from Shoreh Agadashloo as we see the Franlkin facing off against what seems to be the Swarm backed by that Rhianna track and surrounded by some new images straight out of Yorktown and again, more of the same including the Kirk "I think you're underestimating humanity" quote which was also in Unity. Certainly we can see that the Dubai filming has been put to good use and explains the need for all those green-screens!

More next week as we get to just a fortnight from general release!

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