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The Legacy Continues with IDW

For anyone who regularly reads the Star Trek comics this is the one that we have been waiting for. Was the wait worth it? Read on to find out!!

Mike Johnson kicks things off in this story by bringing us back to the end of the '09 film and Spock is in a reflective mood. The story opens with Spock gazing upon the Golden Gate Bridge, which reminds him of his Vulcan.

We then get to see Prime Spock's conversation with Kelvin Spock from the end of the that same movie and as Prime Spock departs from Earth he passes the Enterprise one last time and reminisces about two old friends that he will miss as he continues towards the Vulcan colony. 

We then switch gears and head to Romulus where we meet Senators Lucian and Vicia who plan on using the remaining red matter that they now posses to rid the universe of their Vulcan brothers. How did the Romulans end up with the red matter? Check out IDW Issue Seven Vulcan Vengance to find out!

As we rejoin Spock on his journey to the Vulcan colony we get a great conversation between himself and Sarek which ends with Sarek advising Spock to avoid the Vulcan Colony. 

Spock goes anyway and learns that the planet the Vulcan elders have decided to settle on was Ceti Alpha Five. Spock warns the colonist that this planet is not the right place to settle. The elders advise Spock that his opinion is noted but that they feel his actions have caused all their problems and promptly banish him! 

As this issue ends we head to Rura Penthe and discover that two of Nero's crew are still alive and they manage to escape and head to Romulus.

Issue 56 kicks off with Spock reminiscing about how he has yet again left his people again although this time it isn't of his own doing. As Spock has one last conversation with Sarek he is even more determined to help his people. He arranges to be dropped off at a familiar space station. 

At this point we get to see the two escapees make it back to Romulus before quickly switching back to the station which turns out to be K7 (The Trouble with Tribbles). 

Here we see Spock reminiscing about himself, Uhura and Chekov and what happened that day. As the person who he was waiting for arrives we find its none other than Cyrano Jones.

We quickly switch to Romulus were the two senators we already met plan to use the last two of Nero's crew to carry out the destruction of the Vulcans. Meanwhile Spock has arrived on Romulus courtesy of Cyrano and meets up with Senator Pardek and both are promptly arrested. 

Issue 57 kicks off with another flashback - this time to unification as Spock reminisces about his work on Romulus in the Prime Timeline. Here he is on trial along with Pardek and promptly found guilty. As they are being transported to prison it transpires Pardek's sympathisers are all around and they both promptly escape. As the issue ends Sarek convinces the Vulcans to listen to the information Spock has acquired with regard to the Romulans attack. 

The final issue opens with the Romulans attacking the Vulcan colony and it's looking bad for them until Enterprise turns up with more ships on the way and Starfleet quickly turns the tide. However one ship with Nero's last two crew members has the red matter and they order the Romulans to retreat from the blast zone. As they detonate the red matter it is apparent that the plan is not to kill but seek redemption for what has transpired since the Narada has arrived.

With the battle over Spock decides to mind meld with selected elders to show them exactly why they shouldn't settle on Ceti Alpha V. As the book ends we get an awesome tribute to Spock and to reveal it here would only ruin it for anyone reading. 

Tony Shasteen's artwork on this four issue run is excellent. There are many flashbacks to Spock's life both in the Kelvin-verse and the Prime timeline. The Original Series and The Next Generation characters are excellently drawn and hopefully he gets to draw these for the upcoming IDW Wavepoint series. The story is very well done and there are some great nods to characters and places that we have seen before. The only downside I found with this story was the use of Nero's crew again. It felt a little forced but there fate was a nice twist and in keeping with the story. Was this worth the wait and the hype? You bet. I think Leonard Nimoy would be very happy with this resolution for Spock's character.

Have you been reading IDW's Legacy of Spock? Is it a fitting tribute?

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