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Beyond Roundup T Minus 3

As promised here's the first of three countdown round ups leading into Beyond on the 22nd July. Each Friday we'll be looking at the top news coming out of the anticipated flick...

TV Spots

There's FIVE new ones to choose from including Bold, Last Report and Discover. We also have a Sulu character focus for you to check out.

Bold contains no new shots or dialogue with most of its content coming from trailers one and two.

Discover contains the most new material kicking off with Kirk and McCoy seemingly discussing the future of the mission. I'd think this is from the very end of the movie where they are talking about "getting back out there" which is also in this TV teaser.
Kirk: Can you imagine what we'll find?

McCoy: Aliens hellbent on killing us

Kirk: That's the spirit Bones.
We also have Kirk and Spock fighting against Krall's forces as they invade the Enterprise and a great shot of the hull detail on the Franklin as Sulu takes the helm. Notice that she's within the planet's atmosphere in this shot (header photo).

Last Report, as with the others retreads the theme of Kirk looking at the path that has led him to the captaincy of the Enterprise backed by the Sledgehammer Rhianna track. This one focuses more on the loss of the starship with only a shot or two of new material as the Enterprise is destroyed. Interesting that all three trailers also feature the Franklin quite heavily in their closing moments and it's the same "escaping from explosion" sequence each time.
"A great captain knows sacrifice, Kirk."
Big Attack brings a voiceover from late addition Shoreh Agadashloo and Kirk indicating that what they are about to embark on is "more than just a rescue mission". It also focuses more on Krall with his "frontier pushing" quote we heard in the first trailer. It looks like desperate times ahead. So desperate that there are seatbelts on the bridge of the Franklin.

Finally Fly focuses on getting the Franklin flight worthy plus the Swarm attacking Yorktown, Jaylah attacking those two alien assailants in the forest and Krall's forces overwhelming the Enterprise. Also is that McCoy in a Swarm ship?
McCoy: I'll see you in the medbay for a checkup.Kirk: Or I'll see me in the bar for a drink.
We've also received four new character featurettes this week for Kirk, Bones, Jaylah and Sulu all offtering brief looks into the characters and backed by the Beastie Boys' Sabotage in a couple of instances. Each of them have a couple of snippets of new footage with Sulu's offering a look at the crew getting the Franklin started up and Kirk and McCoy's show off a little bit of humour with the captain looking for some alcoholic refreshment rather than a checkup after some form of attack. Here's the four character title cards from each:

Rhianna Sledgehammer video - key Beyond moments

What rags me off about this is how suddenly Rhianna has announced that she's been a lifelong Star Trek fan. Great news if she has but I have this feeling that it's been buried for a long time because it's not cool and doesn't suit the image she's been trying to forge. Now, with the franchise being fairly OK with the masses, it's fine to be open about your likes. At least that's what I hope and it's got nothing to do with the fact that she's got this single out which is linked directly into the marketing of Beyond. She's also on a promo video talking about her love of the show. Worth a look. Also, let's just be proud to welcome Rhianna into the fandom. While there are going to be differing opinions over her announcement it's good to see that Star Trek has such a broad appeal. All that hate just makes us Trekkers/Trekkies look like idiots.

While the video isn't Star Trek packed, there are still some key moments worth noting. It's a bit odd but stick with it for three minutes. It also gets in your head. Just a warning.

The planet she's on has Yorktown in the background

The Krall ship swarm swirls across the landscape

What's all that magical hand-swirling about? Is that a hint at the power of the artifact?

Facial markings - links to Jaylah? She's been a big part of the marketing of all this. Let's keep positive she's not another Darth Maul.

There's some issues with gravity - harking to the anti-gravity Kirk sequence in the trailers?

Intro shots of the Enterprise with that wide-mouth frog impulse engine and going all The Motion Picture warp speed

Exit shot of Rhianna versus the Enterprise. Weird.

Empire Magazine Coverage

Offering not just 14 pages on Beyond, Empire magazine also dropped a nice supplemental magazine celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. While Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise get their usual bum deal the mag looks at each of the 12 movies so far plus sections on The Original Series and The Next Generation. It's pretty basic in the coverage but add in a decent William Shatner interview and for £4.99 in the UK it's not a bad deal. The main magazine does offer a few story hits such as the name of Krall's planet (Altamid) and that they're sent on the mission to investigate a nebula which leads them into the bulk of the story from Yorktown. We also get an interview with Beyond guest Sofia Boutella about her career so far plus her role within the movie. Seems Jaylah has been on the planet since she was a child...

Info from other magazines such as SFX and SciFi Now have suggested that the Enterprise has been on a diplomatic mission between two planets (as said by Simon Pegg) which is how they end up at Yorktown to take a break.

New Jaylah Poster

Talking of Jaylah, a new poster of the character lounging out in the captain's chair of the Franklin appeared. It's a cool shot and is perfect for a lockscreen image on your phone as I've discovered.

So that's the week that was for Beyond. There's been a chunk of stuff out as the campaign ramps up. I expect we'll be seeing Spock, Uhura, Scotty and Chekov featurettes in the very near future plus a few more TV spots although five in a week is going some. 

What's been your highlight of the promotions so far?

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