Saturday, 24 December 2016

FCD Is Number One

It's Christmas Eve and the long awaited star guest announcement for First Contact Day 2017 has been revealed!

We can now announce that none other than Commander William T Riker (or Thomas Riker if you prefer) Jonathan Frakes will be landing in the UK for the three day event running at the Telford International Centre from March 31st to April 2nd 2017.

Seriously, yes, we said it - Jonathan Frakes - Riker; Number One, the guy who defeated the Borg, the man with the most unique style of sitting down in the known universe will be joining fans in Telford during the 30th anniversary year of The Next Generation. But hey, let's get the man to tell you himself...

Commented organisers Wil Ross; "FCD Out of the Ashes 2.0 represents our biggest challenge yet.

"After what happened to FCD 2016, we had so much love and support but we also lost a lot of credibility with fans. I'm sure they felt for us but when your talking about people thinking their had lost hard earned money on a postponed event, they would have been questioning our credibility and our ability to actually put on this's natural because I know I would be if the shoe was on the other foot."

While not quite what they had planned, FCD 2016 was still a great fan event run by fans with guests Claudia Christian, John Carrigan, Aron Eisenberg and JG Hertzler all appearing and helping make a great day.

"What people need to understand is that David [Limburg] and I have personally underwritten about 80% of the total cost of this event." said Wil, "The rest will come from early ticket sales etc. Our job now is to convince people that we really mean business and to that end we have upped our game in terms of guests."

Truly they have with a selection already announced and the "big one" held back for Christmas Eve. 

Continued Wil; "We have a stunning line up from across the sci-fi universe - Aron Eisenberg (Deep Space Nine), John Carrigan (Star Trek: New Voyages and more), Claudia Christian (Babylon Five), Rainbow Sun Francks (Stargate Atlantis), David Blue (Stargate Universe), Robert Picardo (Voyager) and Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon Five, Tron). I mean come on, we couldn't top that surely - but we have!!

"So come on, get your tickets and let's have some fun!!"

The inclusion of actor/director Jonathan Frakes is simply huge and shows the dedication and belief that exists around FCD in that they can attract such big Star Trek alumni. Of course it's nice to have the guy who starred in and directed First Contact to be there for First Contact Day!

Get on over to the FCD 2.0 Out of the Ashes Facebook page now for more information and get your tickets booked - we'll be seeing you there!!!

Looking forward to FCD 2017? Who will you be getting an autograph from?

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