Saturday, 13 March 2021

Behind the Trek: Updates and Thoughts

Two new stories about Trek movie productions in as many weeks and now the History Channel looking to delve deep into franchise lore with a Centre Seat documentary series. 

Set for an eight part series, Centre Seat will be deep diving into the franchise's extensive 55 year story - and hopefully we can learn a thing or two from this new angle.

What’s really exciting is that these are all bona fide projects taking place away from the Kurtzman series spotlight at a time where the fourth and fifth incarnations of the televised universe are soon to be revealed.

The news of Kalinda Vasquez’s movie proposal with Paramount was a wonderful piece to hear especially given that it was offered without even a script proposal and would include the most recent production company of Trek movies, Bad Robot and therefore under the wing of rebooted JJ Abrams. Vasquez has previous with Star Trek having written Terra Firma, Part II and also the Short Trek, Ask Not.

No confirmation whether this is a fourth instalment of the Kelvin Universe or something completely different however the note that Michelle Paradise, exec producer on Discovery, commented on a tweet relating to the matter seems to cement this as happening.

Even more sensational perhaps is the news that Nicholas Meyer, the man who saved The Wrath of Khan in six days, has also dropped a proposal for a new movie to Paramount. Now if memory serves, the last we heard of Meyer was that he was working on a Khan mini series. 

This was after he’d worked on season one of Discovery but nothing has even been rumoured since. Given that we bow know that only five series are being produced at one time, that Khan show could be way off - even further away than Section 31. This may in turn be part of the reason Meyer has shifted his focus away from the small screen.

But finally and most recently, let’s indeed lock on to TV. Strange New Worlds is now in production in Toronto as confirmed by a new video from the cast. But not just Mount, Romjin  and Peck. Five new faces have now been added to the line up.

Babs Olusanmokun (Black Mirror), Christina Chong (Line of Duty, Doctor Who), Celia Rose Gooding (Broadway production Jagged Little Pill), Jess Bush (Australia's Next Top Model, Playing for Keeps pictured left) and Melissa Navia (Billions, Homeland) have all now been confirmed to take their stations aboard the USS Enterprise although who they will be playing is still a cast iron secret.

Along with the established Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks and upcoming Prodigy, this looks to be the Trek lineup for at least the next 18/24 months although there’s probably a fair wait until we see something back on screen...

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  1. Has Nicolas Meyer worked on a feature since VI? I don't think his short tenure on DSC was a happy one.