Sunday, 9 January 2022

SKoST in 2022

The question of where I want this site to be in 2022 has given me a lot to think about in recent months.

First of all, yes, the ship reviews will be continuing and for the next few weeks I'll be punching through some more XLs, bonus editions and the final few issues of the Online collection so stick around for those.

But overall I was looking at how I would tackle the year. My decision at the end of 2021 to stop with singular episode reviews was the right move and with the wavering quality of Discovery's fourth season (personal opinion), I now feel affirmed that a season review for each will be more than sufficient.

Of course there's the hotly anticipated Strange New Worlds, the continuation of Prodigy's first season and the return of Picard to fit in along the way. But, I want to explore more than just new episodes, book reviews and other assorted merch (although I guarantee something on Resurgence when it launches on PlayStation).

One of my goals is to connect with more fans online and at events in 2022. I have some plans lined up but as for the site, I will be intending to offer more opinion pieces, maybe some interviews if I'm lucky and snapshots of Trek elements that I love and enjoy.

I'll be honest, there are elements of fandom that have exhausted me and I've stepped away from some that have caused me more personal issues than I needed. This is allowing me to focus more on the writing and continuation of SKoST and has already seen stats improve - or at least return to levels I was happier with!

While this isn't perhaps the huge initial 2022 post you might have expected, it's a much better reflection of where I want to be in 2022. Not splattered across everywhere and running thin but focused on a core area and core readership who are interested in coming along. 

So if you've been around since Decemer 2012 (yes, that long), thank you. Equally, if this is the first time you've dropped on; thank you and I hope to hear from you and see you back in the future. SKoST has been a big love project for the last ten years. In some cases I've loved what I've written and in others I truly thought they were substandard. I suppose much like anything!

But anyway, here's to 2022, post 1000 and a decade of SKoST. Lots more to come!


  1. I enjoy reading your Eaglemoss reviews the most and you've convinced me that I need the XL Reliant in my collection!

    1. THANK YOU! Yep, it's a brilliant ship and we have more XLs on the way plus specials.

  2. I still watch DSC because its Star Trek - but I am finding it to be a hard slog. I thought Picard started well, but descended into madness and lazy writing.

    With DSC, I struggle with the production design - flame throwers on the bridge and why cant the show hire a proper scientist to help them with their concepts and execution (witness the zero-g scenes this year, the craziness of the red angel suit). Sadly, The Expanse is the far superior show at the moment. DSC could really do with a class writer like Naren Shankar - who also wrote for the criminally under rated DS9, Farscape and For All Mankind. Wheras Kurtzman has written for the laughable 'Scorpion' TV series, which has been used in classrooms to show how TV series' use bad science.

    Time crystals, indestructible bulkheads, the foolishness that is the Spore Drive - and immorality that the original creators would have despised:
    "would you like to join me, in making Leedle scream?" says Georgiou, with a sexy smirk.
    "yum, yum", replies the security officer.

    I never thought I'd say this, but I wish they'd accepted Seth MaFarlane's pitch - anyway he just went ahead and did his own thing after being rejected.