Monday 30 January 2023

Annie Wersching 1977 - 2023

Seemingly out of the blue, the Star Trek Universe has lost one of its most recent additions to the family.

Perhaps as widely recognised for her roles in 24 and Bosch, Annie Wersching may well remain as one of fandom's best parts of Picard's second season. But at the age of just 45, the actress has sadly lost her battle with cancer.

As the third and most recent incarnation of the Borg Queen, Wersching was a key element of the story with her social media feeds full of shots from her time on Picard. Indeed, Wersching was becoming something of a staple of conventions in 2022 however her online activity seems to have slowed in August of last year. Indeed, it seems that she kept her diagnosis - confirmed in 2020 - very private. Already there is a GoFundMe campaign which has raised $135,000 to help support her three children following Annie's death.

Breaking out thanks to her role as Agent Renee Walker in the groundbreaking 24, Wersching had an active onscreen career as well as voice acting in the game The Last of Us which has recently been converted into a series in itself.

Fans of Star Trek may not remember that Wersching actually first appeared in Enterprise back in it's first season episode Oasis alongside the late Rene Auberjonois.

Some Kind of Star Trek offers its condolences to her family at this sad time. 

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