Monday, 22 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: The First Clip

"He'd let you die..."

We've had trailers, posters, virals and today we got the first clip of some substance. It's from the first half hour of the film and it doesn't really tell us anything except that Spock is in some serious danger after attempting to stop a volcano from erupting and could well be caught in the ensuing explosion to cap it.

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We get some lovely panning shots of the bridge and clearly Sulu, McCoy, Kirk and Uhura have been jollying it on the away mission seeing as they're all togged up in some fetching spray-on grey kit. I'm not sure whether this fashion will hit it off in the cosplay world but we'll wait and see. How come Uhura gets her own red variant is anyone's guess. The Vulcan XO is deep in peril and won't let the Enterprise come and rescue him for fear of violating the Prime Directive. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, we are reminded. Blatantly the ship is sitting under the water but putting her into the atmosphere isn't a good idea according to Sulu. At least we can say that flying the starship within a planet's atmosphere for long periods isn't a good idea. 

Here it is in all it's glory thanks to Paramount on YouTube:

Anyway, this tells us absolutely nothing else apart from all the usual suspects are here including Chekov who, like Scotty, seems to have been horribly maligned in the previous trailers. Here at least the chief engineer gets to point at a fish and get concerned that the Enterprise can't take whatever Kirk is intending to do. If you're listening, Paramount/Bad Robot, a second clip with excessive amounts of Harrison rumbling some threats wouldn't go amiss but then is that going to give the game away?

So far I'm really impressed with the look and feel to the movie. It's got a good pace to the scene which I like and everything is hitting the right beat. There's a great deal of tension here; Pine IS Kirk wanting to do what he does best and break (shatter) all the rules to save his friend, Urban IS McCoy; reminding Jim of the harsh realities of command. Even those last two lines surrounding what Spock would do if the positions were switched betrays the nature of the Classic Trio's relationship - they know each other that well. WWSD? See above for details! Dropping bits like this for us with such a short time to go is just keeping fans right on the edge. This isn't a new snippet mind as it's already been shown before The Hobbit as the nine minute teaser.

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In other minor news, PC manufacturer Acer have joined the Star Trek Into Darkness bandwagon with their latest advert offering. No new clips but it's alleged that the futuristic laptop will make a guest appearance in the film (thanks to +Minh T. Nguyen for sharing this on Google+). Are we destined for the first Star Trek film to rely on James Bond-style product placement? Hopefully we're not going to see a Mazda6 parked in the shuttlebay... Nice to see they're using the official font though! What's next, my friends? Are we going to see Kirk sipping another Budweiser (like the first movie) or warp engines supplied by Honda? Well, we all know the bridge was outfitted by Apple, don't we....

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