Wednesday, 24 April 2013

We'll fit!!! Star Trek Into a Small Space

The onslaught of material from the new movie continues in what can only be described as the "Clips Phase" with the second in just three days.

This time it's off to Qo'nos for us to see Kirk, Spock and Uhura on their (apparent) mission to capture Harrison, chased at speed by one heck of an awesome looking Klingon Bird of Prey. That thing can sure pack a punch and looks like a true aerial predator with the some serious maneuverability to boot. It's a straight forward chase sequence and we've seen the "joke" of that little unarmed ship fitting more than once already. Cleverly it seems we'll just be getting longer clips expanded from trailer material rather than anything substantially new. However there is one thing this 61 second burst did make me ask -  I would like to know who the guy I clipped is (here, above)! Is he some sort of guide? Is it an Augment or a Starfleet commando; an associate of Harrison or even (gasp) a Klingon sans helmet?!

For those who would like to refer, here's the shot...

All that said, great to see another action sequence from the movie played out for us to enjoy (even at just over one minute). Still no sign of Harrison in these clips and once again more emphasis on the Kirk/Spock/Uhura trio that we got from the first clip - notice a theme starting to develop here already? Will it dominate the film as it is the previews? Loving the power of that Klingon ship and how it comes to a very bird-like screeching halt before getting squeezed to the size of a bar of latinum. Are those Klingon displays on the ship as everything is red rather than being sensual Starfleet blue. Also they're out of uniform so it can't be that above board and would a trip to the Klingons in this time frame be anything BUT hostile! I'm assuming they're borrowing this ship to fit in on the mission and avoid detection although it seems they're done a pretty poor job at it. The CGI is crystal clear and that's just the impression from the small screen. On a cinema screen and in 3D I can but imagine....!

Just a minor aside - I managed to get a glimpse of the Japanese third trailer thanks to today. It's certainly heading for the more adult edge with the music and one additional line from Admiral Marcus in reference to the London bombing; ...for the sake of those we lost, we will run this bastard down... Aside from that there's not much difference apart from right at the end where we see the Vengeance falling to Earth just after a blink-and-miss shot of the Enterprise looking pretty battered. Interestingly this trailer does lean more towards this segment of the movie with even some of Harrison's dialogue seeming to be taken from scenes aboard the dreadnaught. I find it quite interesting that the Japanese trailer is ever so slightly different but the choice of music and micro-clip changes twists the focus more onto the Vengeance and the crash sequence almost from the off rather than any other aspect of the soon-to-be-released movie. In fact all the scenes in Starfleet where Harrison attacks are washed over in seconds before we focus on the chase to find the fugitive. Actually one more error as we do get one new image of a rank of assembled Klingons in battle armour looking like they're about to strike.

I'll leave you for now with this image of the stricken Enterprise taking a nose-dive. Not a metaphor for the movie I hope...Anyway, I think we'll be seeing something new every day now whether it's a photo, a clip or a poster. I have a significant media library building up on this one now!

Also managing to avoid any of those Aussie reviews. Glanced one and everything looks promising - apparently one of the great sci-fi movies of our time if it's anything to go by. Right, back off under the rock again for a bit...

You can see my thoughts on the first clip HERE and new posters as well as some musings on the USS Vengeance HERE

Images screen clipped by SKoST
Clip 2 Video from Hardy Schofield on YouTube

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