Sunday, 21 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Goes Viral

We all thought that was it.

The third and final trailer reared its head, new posters appeared on the scene and we only had a few weeks to go.

We were wrong. 


Mazda are in on the act with a stunning new advert for the Mazda6 with some exceptional Tron-esque graphics to boot as we get a techie build-up of the Enterprise along with Michael Giachino's score from the 2009 film emanating from the background. Just another opportunity to drool over the starship from my perspective as I'm not too bothered about the car. The ad also features some images from previous trailers so we'll skip over them for now.

But the real standout chiller has to be the John Harrison 30 second viral. No new clips I note but just listen to those menacing tones and the rumble in Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. Awesome and intense just don't do it justice as he threatens Kirk accompanied by a series of fuzzy images from the numerous trailers around (26 versions exist apparently). Another string to this groundbreaking and innovative marketing campaign. This movie had better live up to expectations now because otherwise this could be seen as overkill now. What have we had - three two minute trailers, a couple of one minute ones, a few 30 second teasers, four character posters, a viral website in Are You the 1701?, four main theatrical posters, countless rumours etc etc. I also wonder if we can expect Kirk, Spock and (doubtless) Uhura to get their own virals as well before this is all done. Worryingly it's making me wonder if this is just about to go too far and tempt with too much "non-information" so to speak.

For those of you who would like to read through the John Harrison trash-talk, here it is in full, sadly I can't provide rumbling vocal tones so you'll have to do that yourself!

This guy has some serious issues with the Enterprise captain and it doesn't look like he'll be letting Kirk off lightly anytime soon judging from this or the latest all-action, all-destruction trailer. I'm really getting the vibe now for this film and can't wait. This narrative from Harrison doesn't really tell us anything specific. It's all cloak, dagger and atmosphere to build to the Big Day. In fact, it reiterates a lot of things we've heard already since the first trailer in December 2012.

Now, before Premiere Day we'll also get more of a literary taster with the Star Trek magazine special in May which, at 148 pages, will no doubt tell us loads of stuff about it but yet manage to answer absolutely nothing at the same time.

Remember fans, readers, passers-by, it opens on May 9th 2013 in the UK. I'm already getting the tent ready to camp overnight....

All images screenshot by SKoST

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