Monday, 29 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: It's Monday; Berlin

It's Monday and tonight is the Berlin premiere of the movie.

After a quiet Sunday where I got to post something else other than mad Star Trek Into Darkness news we're back on the high-speed train to fan-frenzy-dom. There'll be a livestream of the red carpet on the Star Trek Facebook page and the film opens this evening. A lot seems to be being made of Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve's attire during the promo campaign and you can read more about it via The Daily Mail if fashion tips are more your thing. Nice to see Mr Pegg in attendance as well - not as neglected as he was earlier in the campaign trail although I'd have preferred him to be rocking out that funky leisure suit look from the recent Latin American trailer!

For UK fans we're just TEN days away from the opening and I've now booked my ticket for the first showing at midnight in Stoke. Can't wait and still successfully avoiding those terrible internet spoilers that are multiplying faster than a tribble feeding on quadrotriticale (quadrotrit-what?!)
Also we've been treated to two new stills from the film (although the one at the top here almost looks like Cumberbatch is taking a breather from filming rather than taking part on a scene. The second comes from sometime around "Clip 2" with Kirk, Spock and Uhura on the Klingon ship. Neither are particularly groundbreaking shots (again) but it's a nice addition to keep us hooked. This second shot also looks a bit more candid than being a still from the movie.

This morning the Australian The Vine website launched a third clip from the film entitled "I allow it" featuring the Harrison and Kirk detention cell interchange - UPDATE it's now live on Paramount's YouTube channel! Just for you, here's the direct link through to watch what will be termed as "Clip 3"!

Finally we get to see some decent levels of Harrison posturing and rumbling. Kirk has, for some reason not killed him and this is a brilliant little interchange which IS POSSIBLY A LITTLE SPOILERY!!!! so beware - skip this paragraph if you wish!!!  

"Let me explain what is happening here...You are a criminal...I watched you murder innocent men and women. I was authorised to end you....and the only reason you are still alive is because I am allowing it so shut your mouth."

I'd suggest that this minute snippet is quite essential viewing as part of the whole film and really does give a huge suggestion of a potential plot-point - an interesting choice of clip to provide at this time. I won't reveal any more but it's a great scene which shows how dark, calm and intelligent Harrison really is. The emotions of Kirk against this sea of methodical tranquility is definitely a joy to watch and I look forward to seeing how this relationship pans out over two hours. The two of them seem to play off each other well as it becomes apparent that Harrison's surrender is part of a much bigger plan and something he has apparently been working on. I think it's actually fitting that we get this scene now as it harks back to the start of the campaign in December last year when we got our first official shot of Harrison in this very room. I really like Cumberbatch here; might we be hoping this isn't his only Star Trek appearance? Oh - 72...Nice line drop there. Also over on Bleeding Cool, they've spotted a few similarities to this scene and some other blockbusters...not sure that's a fair take but I can see where they've gone with this - the one-on-one testosterone moment that seems to be a popular plot-explaining moment.

"2-3, 1-7, 4-6, 1-1. Coordinates not far from Earth. If you want to know why I did what I did. Go and take a look..."

Screen-captured from Paramount International trailer
Finally, the ArcLight Hollywood (a 14 screen multiplex at 6360 Sunset Boulevard stuck up this stunning Star Trek Into Darkness collage - dribble. What a great promotion! I can spot three new additional images in there - the picture of the crew on the bridge (centre), Uhura (second down right) and Harrison seated at the command chair of (most likely) the USS Vengeance (second pic up bottom left).

I can now also confirm that Some Kind of Star Trek will be reviewing the new Revell USS Enterprise kit as soon as it is dispatched - this is news I've just received this morning and I'm fairly excited by this prospect. I look forward to getting it out of the box, built and written about!

As always, check back during the day for more updates as they come in (new clip please!!!) or look back over the last week of marketing by using the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness label below.

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