Thursday, 25 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: Marketing Justice - now with added clips and virals

Finally we get to see some marketing material featuring Scotty and Chekhov.

Is this due to fan pressure or was this the intention all along? Probably a question we'll never get answered however it does cement the fact that for at least some of this film the young Ensign will be trading command yellow for support services red in another striking departure from the Original Series. Interestingly both the promo images of Simon Pegg as Scotty have him in that off-ship away-mission kit. The far left one seems to be aboard the Vengeance if I was to hazard a guess. Both this and the Chekov one seem to be more in line with the Kirk/Spock/Uhura/Harrison line that was released a while back rather than the more subdued cast shots we got earlier this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a sign that their time in the shadows has come to an end and they'll be getting their fair share of attention.

In other news, Are You the 1701? has gone live (amazingly it's been active (dormant) since December 17th) with requests for fans to post images inspired by Star Trek or the future using #1701. I'm kinda disappointed that this is all it's being used for actually. I'd hoped for a lot more than that but that's what it is for now.  Some of the images/videos on there are decidedly un-Star Trek such as a pot of cress and a green light. I'm thinking they'll be getting someone to filter out the garbage at some point. Soon would be good. If you've registered you'll need to complete the process but that's fairly straight forward. The joyous thing about it is that if you're outside of the US or Canada then you might as well stick your finger in the wind and whistle because we're not invited to the party. Will there be a turnaround as there was with the mobile app after a short time? Not that the app works (as I've grumbled about previously). The site asks if you will be one of the "chosen few" (1701?) but what you're going to get if you win/get selected is a total and utter mystery....just make sure you're in the right country.

Wow - also - just managed to spot the Latin American TV spot (whhaaaaaat?) And it's going for a lighter tone with Kirk shooting their getaway ride in the opening segment of the movie. That is some weird beast and I doubt we're going to get to see a lot more of it than this seeing it meets the business end of Kirk's phaser. I believe the creatures they're running from are called the Nibiru. I've included the link to the 30 second clip below which gives us zip all else to get excited about. Thanks to for pointing these out!!! 

Not only that but they're really ramping up the focus on Scotty and his little grey pal, Keenser with this post-titles clip of them having some downtime and doing it casual....stick with the trailer past the Star Trek Into Darkness caption! I didn't the first time!!! (Nice glasses for the guy far left don't you think - and right in the centre, a bottle of Bud....)

It was only a matter of time before we got a second one of these - Harrison's back with his own analysis of Spock this time. He's as scathing and rumbling as he was with Kirk but the benefit of this little viral is a few new shots of the XO fighting on Qo'nos as well as feeling a bit emotional. Additionally there's an extended sequence of the Vulcan science office running through the streets after Harrison an leaping oto that sky-bound contraption for a bit of fisticuffs. All seems to be too much for him so a good thing that Harrison's on hand to help him sort it all out. Why do I get the feeling that this guy is going to be getting right under the skin of the Enterprise crew right from the off?!

Here's a link to the latest viral - bit of a mad day for new stuff isn't it???!!! While I was bemoaning a lack of Harrison clips I'd kinda forgotten he's got a whole viral campaign going off in the background. This guy gives me shivers. Serious shivers. He's clearly analysing the characters which gives new viewers something to latch onto and reminds older viewers what is beneath the surface and motivates the crew. With Spock though a friend of mine noted he seems more irritated by the Vulcan than trash talking as he did against Kirk. We've now had HEART and MIND so I'm open to suggestions of what the (inevitable) Uhura one will be which will undoubtedly follow in the next few days...

This post will be updated during the day as I capture any more details on Star Trek Into Darkness. You can also refer to my previous blogs as we get nearer to launch date by clicking the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness label below.

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