Friday, 26 August 2016

Pinned Down with FanSets

Straight from the US come the stunning Fansets pin badges.

Over the course of the last couple of months those WONDERFUL people over at FanSets have sent Some Kind of Star Trek a sample range of their pins - both the crew and the ships and we've been blown away by the quality of every single one.

The results of this range are absolutely superb. The smaller of the metal pins portray the crew in perfect caricatured detail and even manage to get across their very different personalities in tiny form.

This officially licenced product has to be one of the best ranges of merchandise on the market this 50th year and if there's not uncontrollable demand it's a crime. 

At first you could pick up Kirk, Spock, Mirror Spock, Klingon, Borg, Gorn, Quark, Sisko, Archer, Seven of Nine, Picard, Riker, Janeway and Chakotay plus the Klingon D7 ship badge. but this has recently expanded to include McCoy, Sulu, Uhura, Jem'Hadar, Data, Dax, M'Ress from The Animated Series and T'Pol plus a load of ship emblems - Reliant, Excelsior, Enterprise NX-01, USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Enterprise-B, Enterprise-D, USS Voyager, Deep Space NineUSS Defiant, the Galileo shuttle, Romulan Bird of Prey, Borg Cube and the Enterprise-E Captain's Yacht.

If you went to San Diego Comic Con this year you could also get your hands on two more pins which will be exclusive to the event - a unique USS Enterprise badge and a pin which remembers Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and James Doohan; certain to be collectors items - check out the website because these are now available there too and probably in very limited supply. There are also the Captain pins which are being gradually released as part of a unique 50th anniversary collection and another special to mark the Mission New York event.

Just take a look at the badges available and you'll see the level of accuracy is nigh on perfect down to the Science swirl and Command star on Spock and Kirk's uniforms, the design of the Klingon armour or the screen-accurate tattoo worn by Chakotay. It's all there and better than you might have imagined possible. On the ships, each has its registry embossed on the hull as well as pennant markings on the hull and intricate panelling and shadowing on every surface.

Priced at $8.95 (currently works out at £6.78) per badge and $12.95 (£9.82) for the larger ship emblems, they're very reasonably priced especially when you consider the finished result and the detail and work put into them. Take a look at our first review video here which features the first batch of characters we were sent:

You see?! These cannot be bettered in my opinion and the additional characters and badges are helping to enhance an already impressive range. I'm sure there are a ton of characters that we'd hope to see and it's good to know that already Q is coming soon as are Odo, Doctor Crusher, Khan, Saavik and the one my wife has been badgering me for, Deanna Troi. With these on the way I might have to add a request for a Weyoun...

These additional pins - which will surely not be the last - continue the fine work established with the first batch. Off topic just a bit but there's going to be a lot more coming from FanSets in the very, very near future so I would 100% recommend you keep an eye on their website for news on their lines.

Our second video review focuses on the ships range. As noted the detail is just exemplary. There are a few small missing details but due to the size of the badges and nature of the detailing some of those sadly have to be omitted but that doesn't take anything away from the high quality of the end result.

While the character pins will be popular, their ships may well see the highest amount of interest. Fans don't seem to be able to get enough of the Enterprise, Defiant or Voyager for example and we are keeping fingers crossed for a Prometheus or a Dauntless in the future. Each ship badge will appeal to the fans of the respective series and convey the title craft in excellent detail. 

One more thing to watch our for is the Augmented Reality range which really sets this aside from any other badge range available. By putting certain badges together famous scenes from Star Trek will be recreated when viewed through a smartphone app. That sounds unbelievable and something we've got to experience! This is one collection that is now proving itself to be very forward thinking and in touch with tech trends.

We wish every success to the FanSets team and look forward to reviewing more of their range in the future.

Check out the FanSets website for their full Star Trek range and much more.

Which are your favourites from the range and which characters or ships would you like to see in the future?

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