Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Quibbles with Tribbles: HeroCollector Gets Nitpicky

Available from September 22nd, Star Treksperts can try their hand at Eaglemoss/Hero Collector's latest hardbacked offering - Quibbles with Tribbles.

You're probably now scratching your head wondering what the heck I'm going on about and perhaps if I might need to take a break but alas no, this is a new book that puts your observational skills, memory and minutae knowledge to the test across eight lovingly crafted - and mistake laden - scenes from The Original Series.

Although not requiring a magnifying glass and a steady flow of paracetamol, Quibbles for Tribbles is certainly an exciting product that offers a unique challenge to Trek fans in several ways over the double-page pics.

In fact there are four specific threads to follow through the error filled pages; there’s one reference hidden throughout to each of the 79 original episodes (Artifact Incidents) , there are (in each pic) five things which shouldn’t be in that precise scene (Nerd Alerts) and third there is an Exploding Tribble to be found. Finally and not in every scene is a Super Quibble - an error that only a super SUPER Star Trek fan would know. 

To help you keep score the book comes complete with a scoring sheet although my personal recommendation is a lined A4 sheet and numbered points to avoid trashing the product. There's even a full run down of the episodes from the show plus a short section detailing a sprinkling of series background before heading into the filling of this new book.

At the rear each of the scenes is then dissected into grid squares to help you easily pick out all the discrepancies once you’re sure you’ve spotted the lot and even goes into a little bit of additional detail as to why said item/person/event is in the wrong place or timeframe...

It’s a brilliant idea and one that had me joked immediately. Of course you want to see just how good your Star Trek fact knowledge is and especially if you can spot those rock hard and rare Super Quibbles. However there’s a bugger of a drawback - once you’ve found them all you’ve expended the book’s use. Either store it away for a decade for a second go or pass it on for someone else to enjoy. It’s brilliantly illustrated by John Ross, recreating eight classic moments but what I also found was that it was easy to confuse some of the episode references for scenic cock-ups and at that point I did question what was going on what list!

I do believe that this would appeal to any generation of fan though - newbies might not spot everything for a while as they watch The Original Series through while more experienced Trekkies will be kicking themselves silly at missing the Romulan cooking toast on the warp core (outlandish example and it’s not in the book!) but might spot Number One piggybacking a Horta (again, not in the book!!!) 

Hero Collector have delivered something totally different and engaging that only the Nitpickers' Guides from the 1990's attempted to even get close to - and that was all about finding the errors in the real episodes rather than these mind-bending scenes. The levels of engagement through the three different challenges do offer a chance to ‘progress’ if you will from novice Trekkie to full blown Starship Captain levels of ability - probably best to start spotting the episode references before checking out those scenic errors!

Purposely with the review I've only used sections from one of the double-page spreads since you need to have this book to really experience the level of fandom it's reaching. A new twist on the franchise but one that will be short-lived in its usefulness; good one to lend out to friends.

Quibbles with Tribbles is available now from Eaglemoss HeroCollector priced £11.99

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