Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cue Your Angry Face Please, Admiral Kirk!

The first wave of Legacy Minimates Series 1 is out this week!

We've previously covered these eight twin packs on Some Kind of Star Trek so we'll skip the detail and just say it's time to get yourself down to the shops to get your fill. Costing around $9.99 (£6.39) per pair, these little (literally) beauties stand 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and an array of interchangeable accessories appropriate to the character point in Star Trek history. 

It was also a damn good excuse to stick the above picture on the blog because I just love it! (Thanks for the pic, Diamond Select - made my day) and just having the chance to get a mini-Kirk into the legendary Khaaaaaaaaaan pose is sure to get a lot of people reaching for their wallets or PayPal account log in details. Just check out the coat detail including the emergency beacon and the roll-neck sweater beneath - great detailing.

Kirk and Khan seem to be having a good week actually as we also get the release of the Space Seed diorama featuring the two legendary characters in action. Priced in around $24.99 (£15.98) you'll be able to spend hours recreating the Enterprise captain beating up the 1990's genetic superman.  Not only that, but it also includes the ability to place Kirk into a leaping position with support to pose the figure. Including a to-scale engineering wall panel this is a great addition to any collection - from the looks of it, this is one pipe dream Khan might wish to forget!

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