Monday, 17 June 2013

The Enterprise Project: Revell in the Progress (warning - there's not a lot)

She's out of the box, plastic has been debagged and I've started!

I'm hoping that this won't be a five year mission in itself but I've managed to make a mark on the building of the Revell USS Enterprise from Star Trek Into Darkness.

Nor is it a massive step forward but I'll be giving a proper (and videoed) update at the end of the week chronicling my venture into the world of plastic model construction.

So far I've only tackled the Revell 752 colour (or "G" as it's labelled on the instructions). While it's a great colour on pictures it goes on like water and starts setting like sticky glue in about five seconds. A second coat on all these parts is definitely required. Just wanted to assure everyone that I'm not avoiding it - I received all the paint on Father's Day!

Apologies for the use of Sunday tabloid newspaper here (left) but you might be able to see that I've painted the blue onto the inside of the nacelles and deflector dish rather than on the outside - there is method to this madness and I'll explain in the update video.

This week I'm hoping to have a lot of the white painted with at least one coat. I'm painting most of the parts while still on the sprues to avoid fingermarks although a couple of the bits (above) have come off of their own accord. I've also decided that not being the world class modeller that I would wish to be I will be painting the basic scheme which is probably what a lot of Star Trek fans who want the kit but haven't done something like this before will be intending to do. It did take a bit of time to find out which clear sections were to be painted in this electric blue shade. Just be careful as it can bubble if it goes on too thick or quick.

I doubt that during the painting phase there will be much drama however those are likely to be famous last words. I won't be rushing so don't expect huge leaps in progress. I want to get this right and give you a good story of the work as I assemble her!

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