Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Go Figure: Kirk and Spock in Action

Kirk and Spock are certainly getting a good airing in the last few months and you have to suspect that Star Trek Into Darkness has something to do with it.

Alongside the  "Kirk vs Khan" and "Spock and Horta" sets, come two more posable action figures from the ever impressive Diamond Select Toys range with these two available as 7-inch TRU-exclusives. It seems that the toy giant is getting a good deal from Diamond Select recently as they are also carrying a special range of the Legacy Minimates that we featured recently. Here's the extract of information from the press release:

"...Kirk and Spock each feature ball-jointed necks and shoulders; pivots at mid-bicep, wrist, waist and mid-calf pivots; and hinged elbows. As with the upcoming Star Trek Select versions (referring to the Kirk/Khan and Spock/Horta sets), the hands, heads and legs are interchangeable between figures, allowing for greater variety in posing. Each figure comes with an exclusive terrain base, and the two bases fit together to form a continuous display..."

Effectively these are the Kirk and Spock figures from the diorama sets minus bases and settings but we can hope that if these great collectibles are a success there will be more in the pipeline - so get buying!

You would think that the 20th anniversary of Deep Space Nine for one would provide a great window in which to release some more figures and expand on the limited range that hit shelves a few years back and I'm crossing fingers that the comment in the press release above is an indication that this will happen. I for one would love to be able to stand a Garak, a Weyoun and a Jem'Hadar next to my Sisko, O'Brien, Worf  and Martok. Voyager certainly could do with a range of figures from Diamond Select and with all the current hype when would be a better chance to highlight the quality of their range? I suspect this is just driving me towards a piece on my small collection of figures. One to stick onto the calendar!

Ok - also we've been given (unusually) the packaging shots as well for the new pairing and it's standard issue. although it only mentions these two figures. Again, this makes me think that we could get a full set of the original crew before they expand to other series with the packaging limited and designed around these two just in case sales don't hit projections. As a side thought we did have Picard standing astride a downed Borg recently which could be a water-testing release to see if there's still life in  The Next Generation.

Considering how much focus there is on the classic crew of either Roddenberry or Abrams universes it would mean they don't have to take a massive leap initially. The notable absence of the three subsequent series could make you think that there isn't that much faith in the Star Trek universe as a product line across all its incarnations but Diamond Select are welcome to prove me totally wrong and I hope they do however there are no immediate plans for more figures after those pictured here, the diorama sets, and Picard.

So look for both figures now in Toys R Us stores across North America (yep, if you're in the UK once again we're not getting them) and find them soon on!

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