Wednesday, 5 June 2013

So Who Were You Again?!

This is a first attempt at anything like this so I welcome all feedback!

While I was watching an episode from The Next Generation recently I realised that there are so many actors who have appeared in multiple episodes we just don't remember who they are, when they appeared, what happened to them or where they showed up next. This made me get out Excel and start cataloging these repeat offenders across time, series and episodes to bring the ultimate guide to their not so subtle reappearances. It's a bit of fun and is intended for simple information and reference as well as a learning curve for me.

I'm intending this as a series within Some Kind of Star Trek with one a week to highlight some of those great returning cast members and who better to start with than one of the more prominent who managed to work with four casts and play three different races over a period of 20 years (and counting).

As I said, I'd welcome any feedback on this format as I'm hoping it will evolve over the course of time through additional input and some self-taught lessons on content and aesthetics! For the record it's Eric Pierpoint showing up in Liasions that spurned me on to produce this series. You can blame him with pleasure!

Profile picture from Memory-Alpha

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