Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Enterprise Project: Some Assembly (Soon) Required

Day Three and we've finished painting the sections that make up the saucer.

That means that (unless I've missed something obvious) we'll be ready for gluing tonight. A second coat of the white matt was needed on the lower saucer section and I'm still considering adding a third as it's not come out as well as I might have wished. The patchiness I was experiencing on the finish isn't anywhere near as bad as yesterday but I'll make a final call later

The second coat applied to the bridge and lower saucer structures (on sprue circled in red) went well and now I'm wondering if any of this is going to need filler to smooth out gaps at assembly. Fingers crossed that won't be the case. 

One note - make sure you have a lot of Revell white matt 301 to use. A 14ml tub won't go far so stock up! I reckon at least three of these small tubs will do the trick but I'll confirm after I've painted the secondary hull, the nacelles...and everything else which is white.

I've also dropped a couple of images of the two saucer sections (below) to show the difference in how the paint has finished. The upper section seems a lot smoother and less streaky while the lower section remains a bit glossy. I have zero idea why they are slightly different given it's the same paint, same application and same time. Again, I'll update as I continue the project.

To follow the progress of The Enterprise Project just click on the label below and you'll be able to catch up on this week's (very slow) updates!

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