Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Enterprise Project: All White There, Captain?

Day Two of The Enterprise Project. Quick update.

Having cast a cursory glance over the blue yesterday morning post-breakfast I added a second coat last night which has done a lot to clean up the patchiness and give the clear plastic a lot better depth of colour. I don't think you can get a good sense of the difference from the pics but it is a lot cleaner than it was yesterday.

Second coat of Revell 752 applied
This also meant that I could enter the next step of the job - painting white matt onto white plastic. Not only is this massively time consuming it's also a difficult little task because of the matching colours so you need to be very careful and observant all the way through painting. 

I've decided to tackle the ship in three sections for construction and painting; saucer, secondary hull and nacelles. Small amounts of paint and steady work are best especially when hand-painting the saucer section. I'm not fortunate enough to be able to own a spray gun so this really is 100% hands on and a labour of love. Already I'm a lot more patient and not rushing to get the next piece complete which shows at least a level of personal progress!

Saucer painted - first coat of Revell 301
spot nacelle covers and deflector dish!
In fact this second hour of the project only saw me complete the second blue coat and then add a first coat of the white matt (301 in Revell terms) to the two saucer sections and the sections which make up the raised sections top and bottom (ie the bridge and the sensor platform below). I had a look at them this morning and the coat seems to have gone well. Tonight's plan is second coat on these pieces.

As with the clear sections I've tried to paint the saucer pieces while still attached to the frame - picture-wise this is nigh on impossible to show as it's white paint on white plastic. Anyway, I would get a stand or something to rest the saucer section on which does not come on a sprue and will need painting all the way round. I found a suitable tub to sit it on as pictured!

That's all for now. More painting awaits this evening, namely a lot of second coats of matt white.

You can keep track of my work by clicking on The Enterprise Project label below. This will give you the full list of blogs associated with her construction from box to shelf!

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