Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hot Wheels and Secrets of 1701

Now here's some things you might not know about...

Just as a nice little additional tease, have you been onto and /harrison? If you do then there's a hidden file just waiting to be found - a secret Starfleet file linking Admiral Marcus to the rogue Starfleet agent. Here are both the pages from the PDF if you fancy a read rather than a click through. I'm just wondering how long this has been hidden on the site - days, weeks?!

Here's a thought - when we first heard about the viral site through a hidden link in one of the trailers, we had no idea what it was for. Since then fans have been sending in photos and videos with the opportunity to win exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness goodies and tickets to IMAX performances as well as being given exclusive first viewings of featurettes, posters and even videos. For the full picture of the "history" of the site, take a click on the Are You The 1701? label at the bottom.

As a second little gem and while I was searching out pictures for the imminent novelisation review of Star Trek Into Darkness I literally stumbled over these images of some of Hot Wheels releases for the end of the year. The news that they would be slotting in new models of the USS Excelsior and the USS Kelvin is fairly "old" news but then they've given us a little extra fan love with the announcement of two more ships. I'll let you scroll down to find out which ones they are...

USS Kelvin
USS Excelsior
The Excelsior is one popular model at the moment with both Hot Wheels and Diamond Select producing their own versions of the ship from Star Trek VI although I think someone's missing a trick by not sticking NX-2000 on one of the hulls and going a bit further on the retro scale. The Kelvin is a decent reproduction in miniature scale and I'd choose this one over the Kre-O chunk anyway  Even a good effort on the display stands don't you think? However, what about these two.....
Klingon D-4 Bird of Prey

USS Vengeance
Apologies for the logo embossing as these are not easy pics to come by! The D-4 gives a much better representation of the ships we saw on Qo'noS (no comment on the Kre-O versions) and you can see the typical Klingon design pattern here with the dropped wings and bird-like posture. Whether the colouring is accurate is a question because that's not how I remember it in the film although we didn't see that solid an image. With the Vengeance though we get a much clearer idea of her lines and that incredibly unique cut-out primary hull that's not been seen on a Federation starship before. Her engines are much higher than the Enterprise and wider too. I would've liked to get a shot of the bow but I'll keep looking. 

Apparently they were scouted on Entertainment Earth however I've taken a look and they're not there. If you spot them, drop a note on here and we'll take a look. Hopefully they'll be available for pre-order soon. Likelihood is that they'll only be available in the US too which always makes me a little sad for us UK fans, 

Images of Hot Wheels ships from
Screenshots from SKoST

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