Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Into Darkness, Diamonds and Bing

The wait for the US is almost ALMOST over. Less than 24 hours to go until we can see how the movie will perform on home territory after already breaking records across the globe. Simply it's the biggest Star Trek movie YET.

It's been a few days since my last roundup but hey, it's been a busy time for Star Trek Into Darkness and I just had to share a couple of things.

The first is the gorgeous .gif file from Are You #The1701 which I've added above. You can get it from the site by hitting the "play" button bottom left.Watch closely and you'll manage to spot five or six scenes from the move that have been featured within the trailer.

Also, have you been on Bing today??? If not, get over there pretty quick, type "beam me up" (no quote marks) into the search bar; let the page do the rest. Once it settles out, you'll find yourself here! The ship warps away on the first page you come to but you can still click where it was to get "onboard" (second pic down)

beam me up - and get here!

Bridge + tribbles - click on the Enterprise in pic one

This is where you land after clicking the far right planetoid

Central planet take you to Earth
Note the search bar and...of course.. the tribbles (why?!?!?). I also believe that you can now use the Bing search engine in Klingon which should make the experience at least a bit more understandable. Anyway, aside from clicking on the Enterprise there are also two worlds to click on - one which takes you to Earth and some trivia and the second to another image of the iconic Starfleet flagship (erm...? why not Vulcan or Qo'noS?) plus a few more trivia bits to click on as demonstrated above.. Should fill a five minute coffee break....

Besides that there's this awesome little featurette on the new movie which includes soundbytes from JJ, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve (and I've included a pic above because of who she's listed as), Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana. Good for a watch, nice teaser. That is all, folks. Just strange how now they seem to be back-tracking on Eve's character when we already know precisely who she's playing and have done for flippin' ages!!! Come on, give us at least some credit, it's not like there's someone else's ID that's a secret in this movie or anything!!!!

One other little gem I've managed to pick up today is the rather spiffing Benedict Cumberbatch video that's floating around of him trying to work out if Star Trek episode titles are real or fake. He's not too bad but I'll let you guys judge.Thanks to for pointing this one out

Over on there's some new TV spots (the last ones apparently) before the release of the movie TOMORROW in the US and I've added them all here for your delight. There's some new pics on there too but we've already featured them on SKoST in previous features.  There's not a lot new here apart from some review quotes and generally a massive amount of over-hype...but we're all expecting that anyway?

If you're not totally videoed out with those three then settle in for some opinion and comment from these boys as the actors behind Chekov, Pike, Scotty, Harrison, Kirk and Spock drop a few lines in about Star Trek Into Darkness. Be warned there might be some tiddly spoilers before you start clicking play. Below videos from

Perhaps also worthy of a quick side note is that the graphic novel, Countdown to Darkness has been released in it's combined form with an altered cover in the UK. I would have rather it retained the same concept as the prequel comic to the 2009 reboot but since I don't work for Titan I suspect that's why it's been changed (!)

I've added the design we thought was going to be used as well here as a comparison. I think we know which one would have been better received....

In other related/unrelated/delete as applicable news, Diamond Select have announced their new USS Excelsior and USS Enterprise-E models for later in the year.

Of an unspecified LIMITED run, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E is toted as the Star Trek First Contact edition. Featuring a new, detailed paint scheme based on the movie, this new ship is visually distinctive from the previous edition, which was based on its appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis. All toy ship images from Diamond Select Toys

Later in the year, the 16 inch long USS. Excelsior,  NCC-2000 (so it's from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country) features new sculpted parts and includes all-new sound files with quotes from Captain Sulu, using the voice of actor George Takei. I've also included the video below which demonstrates the second vessel plus some pics of the new Enterprise variant alongside the older Nemesis the difference!

Remember recently we also talked about the new and upcoming Kirk and Spock action figures
from Diamond Select? Well there's a third on the horizon in the form of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in his standard Starfleet uniform. Now the spiel for this says we're seeing him in a "...captured in the middle of a previously unseen engagement with the Borg, firing his phaser aboard a Borg ship, with a fallen foe at his feet." but if I'm honest that's a bit lame. At least with the Kirk and Spock figures they're in poses that link them with classic episodes of The Original Series. This just looks a bit false and doesn't carry well. I just can't see Picard in this situation.

The figure will feature limited articulation and a detailed likeness by Patrick Piggott (prototype shown), and will come in shelf-ready display packaging. I just hope that the final production version is a bit better than this because the pose and Picard just don't look right somehow. I'm not even sure I like the dismembered Borg. Is this a bit extreme? Or am I just overreacting?!

This latest announcement is due for release in the Autumn (Fall) of 2013...I think I'd rather have Spock and the Horta thanks if anyone's looking for ideas for Christmas..

.If you're liking what you see or want some more Star Trek Into Darkness goodies, check out the link below to the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness and see what else we've been rabbiting on about over the last few weeks. We've still got the novelisation review to come...

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