Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Captains: Close-Up

There were these five captains...you might have heard of them....

From next week, EpixHD will be broadcasting five 30 minute episodes entitled The Captains hosted by some bloke called William Shatner (no idea who he is...). Anyway, here are the promo posters for each of the five mini-documentaries which were released by Mr Shatner on his Twitter feed earlier today (May 7th 2013).  Originally part of a larger single documentary they're now split into bitesize chunks for your enjoyment. 

I've not had the fortune to see these before and this might just push me into taking a glimpse in the not too distant future. You can find out more about the programme on this Wikipedia page or over on IMDB. If there's anyone out there who HAS seen them (bitesize or full fat version) drop a note at the bottom - is it worth a few dollars to watch or buy the DVD?

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