Friday, 10 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: Into Motion

Stateside is still waiting for the arrival of the movie while in the UK we just can't move for any more reviews. It's like being in an avalanche. Seriously.

While it's a real mixed bag, Paramount continues with its marketing campaign and this time on Are You #The 1701? you can search the site and find the link to motion versions of the character posters that have already been released. It's not the hardest search - it's the Bad Robot logo if you must know. If you're not fussed, here's the link through to the images. I was expecting more than some flying dust over the pics. They also now carry the revised launch dates for the US.

Now if images are your thing then you're gonna LOVE this next bit. I've had a bit of a hunt across the 'net and found these beauties hiding out from the movie. Apologies if you've seen them before. I hadn't until today so I hope you enjoy. I've captioned where applicable! I believe they are from (also feature pic above is from the same place via Pinterest)

Talking about Spock in the turbolift

Confronting Harrison in the Enterprise brig

Flying to the Klingon homeworld

In Command

Cumberbatch as Harrison

Aboard the Enterprise in sickbay

Uhura on Qo'nos

Uhura, Scotty and McCoy on the Enterprise bridge

It's definitely interview time for the cast with not only John Cho pulling time on the main site but writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman dropping in for a chat about their script too. This is a great one, looking at how they wrote the film, the development process and even how it all started off as well as their reactions to the whole Harrison/Khan/Mitchell conspiracy theories that have been swirling around the internet for many months.

Over on iO9 there's a new interview with Simon Pegg which gives insight into the sets used for the movie and some of them are a little surprising - not as much greenscreen as you might have imagined! Also there's a hint of at least one deleted scene in there that MIGHT make it onto the DVD/blu-ray release. In line with this, The World's End director and associate of Mr Pegg, Edgar Wright revealed on his Twitter profile that he directed one of the shots in Star Trek Into Darkness and by the looks of things it's on the Klingon homeworld....

There is some rumbling, particularly on that Wright "could" be in the frame for directing Star Trek 3 if Abrams is over on Star Wars duty. I think this is HIGHLY improbable even though it's a nice rumour to hear. So that means so far we've got a movie about the Klingons at war directed by Edgar Wright set for the 50th Anniversary in 2016....

Talking of hearing and again, on the site, you can listen to an interview with Michael Giachinno and 22 minutes of the brilliant soundtrack from the new movie which is available for preorder on Amazon (sidebar here on SKoST) and is out on May 28th 2013. I am seriously excited and wanting to get hold of this asap. I may have mentioned that before...

Two more titbits for you before I head off for the weekend - firstly, if you're seeing the movie at an Odeon cinema in the UK, be sure to get some food before you go in as you can get a free Starfleet badge with a combo purchase. It looks a bit plasticky but it's a momento of the event nontheless. I've dropped a pic of the promo board here if you want to check any details.

The last bit is that The Guardian newspaper in the UK will be running a Making of... supplement on Saturday 11th May 2013 as part of its publication. I've dropped the gorgeous cover shot here so you'll know what you're looking for. It's different to the rest of the recent promo materials and who's going to grumble about the Prime battle phaser sitting alongside the reboot Enterprise...?

You can still check back over the build up to the launch of the movie by clicking on the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness label below. Be sure to come back and check out our review of the movie and novelisation tie-in soon!

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