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Star Trek Into Darkness: None of You Are Safe...

It's amazing what 8 hours of sleep can mean in the promotional world. Welcome to PREMIERE MONTH!!!

Not one,  or two,  but three swanky new  it's of visual media have made their way onto the internet. Two are TV spots from the US which are very similar but still include one or two new shots and some additional dialogue so they're worth a minute of your time. Entitled Vendetta and World there's much the same here, both are heavily focused on Kirk and include the same "not seen before" shot of him about to open communications with a young lady in a nightclub before being interrupted by Admiral Pike. 

I'm still getting that sense that this is all heavy set-up for the character - a ladies man, a risk taker and one still not totally happy with authority as we saw in the 2009 reboot. I'm wondering when that action beat they seem so fond of using over the beginning of the trailers will get copyrighted by Bad Robot and Paramount the amount we are hearing it...

However, the clip we really want to be watching is Meet Carol. Thanks to +Jay Mann  on Google+ for bringing this one to my attention over breakfast!

Just to recap so far in the minute clip series we've had WWSD?, We'll Fit!, I Allow It and now the latest addition to the crew gets her first outing.... And clothed. I'm still bugged that she has a strong English accent when Marcus of The Wrath of Khan was clearly American; as is her father. At only 30 seconds it's shorter than the rest (and forgive me for the subtitles but that's the only shot available at the minute. It's a wonderful little scene especially for the interplay between Pine and Quinto as Kirk and Spock respectively regarding the new arrival. I will warn you that there is a minor spoiler element here and I'm going to mention it in the paragraph immediately following the clip...

Spock: You requested an additional science officer, Captain?
Kirk:  I wish I had.

So. Doctor Carol WALLIS? WALLIS???!! Ok,  this suggests something a little underhand is going on because we know that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus and have done for a long, long time. This makes me think that Admiral Marcus is in some way connected a lot deeper to the film plot than we might initially believe. Indeed, he's the one who's assigned her to the ship.I don't think there can be any other reason for such subterfuge. Perhaps Carol is intended to be there to watch over Kirk? The dialogue between Kirk and Spock is wonderful and reminiscent of the best of The Original Series. I hope this is maintained throughout the movie.

Spock: Impressive credentials...but redundant now that I am back aboard the Enterprise
Kirk: And yet the more the merrier...have a seat, Doctor.

Once more another great string of narrative that indicates the boy in Kirk is still very much alive and kicking - whether it matures before the end of the movie...? Oh - and that final shot of Spock's look across at Carol is an absolute killer...

If you get a chance also drop by the website later today to see their new Star Trek Into Darkness t-short range featuring Harrison and Kirk. I wouldn't be surprised if these aren't the only two we see in the run up to the opening weekend (which is THIS MONTH!!!)

These two are the same images that appeared on the Empire magazine a few months back. I'm not a great fan because they don't wash very well after a few wears (so my better half has shown me on other similar products but if you love the film they're a great way to show your fanaticism for the movie.

Now I warn you to calm down pretty quickly - I thought that the Enterprise nose-dive poster was the last one we were going to get...WRONG...WRONG...WRONG

...Because this morning THIS was released and my God is it amazing. It's an IMAX poster and one that really drives the adventure element of Star Trek Into Darkness into another league. I think we can all work out what it shows....AND HOW GOOD DOES IT LOOK!!! The perspective of the two ships is brought to the fore and you have to ask how the heck the Enterprise will manage to defeat Harrison's super-starship.

As we draw to the middle of the day the trailer I've been expecting has FINALLY arrived - heart, mind and now soul make up the Harrison viral (dare I say it) Trilogy. Entitled Disruptions, the focus here is the relationship Uhura has with Spock and also her position as the voice of the ship to some degree. It's a great piece to round off the "new" trio of Kirk, Spock and Uhura which includes several new shots including one of an UNMASKED KLINGON which will now have you madly scrolling down to see it. Here's the viral for your enjoyment plus the script to add to your Harrison Viral collection.

I'm convinced that this will be the last of the virals given the "theme" I pointed out in previous editions of these countdown blogs.

And here's those extra clip shots from the trailer....including that very special one of the Klingon we've all been waiting for!


There's a brand new clip on line right-the-heck-now from Paramount - entitled Keep Going, Scotty, it's another minute of action as Kirk and his chief engineer run through the ship as she begins her deathly descent. Not only that but it's totally new - all of it. How brilliant is that to end the day?! I've also included a few screenshots including the lovely addition of seatbelts - only taken the best part of 50 years for them to be properly installed (and I'm not counting the Nemesis cut scene). The way the whole set seems to be twisting is jaw-dropping especially that crewman who's definitely not wearing his seatbelt...! Shame the Budweiser Brewery is back as Engineering but I guess budget and sponsorship must have something to do with that. Dialogue-wise it's a little light on the ground but we're here for the action and the - literal - edge of our seats....

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Vendetta and World courtesy of (Youtube)
Disruptions Uhura viral and Keep Going Scotty from Paramount International.
Disruptions viral screenshots from SKoST

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