Thursday, 9 May 2013

Morning After Star Trek Into Darkness

I now know everything.

Ok, not everything everything, just everything to do with Star Trek Into Darkness but for a lot of people that moment of revelation is still to come and just to reinforce that, Paramount have continued the onslaught of marketing with a few new bits for us.

Four of the teaser TV spots have been re-edited with the updated US release date and even give brief new footage (such as the one above). They are entitled Battle, Forget, Spectacular and The Dark. Click on each for the Paramount YouTube vid. The MTV clip we were perhaps waiting for turned out to be something of a disappointment - how many times would you like to see the USS Vengeance taking to San Francisco Bay....again?! There's a fraction of new footage in these 16 seconds (16?!?!?) but don't get too hopeful as it's quickly into trailer territory.

McCoy finally got his character profile online today with the announcement coming from the echelons of the #1701 site. Here's Karl Urban getting all gruff in the movie and then all Australian in real-life plus some stills from the minute with the doctor. I spent most of the time looking at the shuttle in the background and the giant green screen...

Paramount have also been running a great campaign on Twitter today. Follow their UK account @ParamountUK and tweet using #IntoDarkness and you could win one of their Star Trek themed goodies. I managed to bag one this morning and will find out what it is tomorrow (May 10th). Vue Cinemas are also running a promotion and by following them and retweeting We've got planets full of #StarTrek #IntoDarkness goodies to give away! Just follow us & RT this message by noon on 13/5 to enter! #VueID  you could be in with a chance to win some MORE goodies. Oh - and add a third one to that from the Daily Mirror who are including a gamecard in their Saturday paper so you can play along right through to May 15th 2013 and win some stuff and even a near-space experience!

Thanks to +SimonAnd Schuster as well for the arrival of the novel tie-in today - very early and I'm looking forward to it - here's a sneak peak at the front and back covers if you can't wait...

One for the more dextrous among you - I've also received the Revell USS Enterprise featured in the new movie. For the unboxing of this stunning kit, jump over to this additional post here.

Also via the wonders of the Star Trek Into Darkness app you can get to see these awesome 8-bit USS Enterprise images. Of course to save you having to hunt for your phone I've added them below. The GIF is brilliant although the banner is a close approximation to the movie poster.

Finally for now, over on Are you The 1701? we got presented with two new stills from the movie - both linked to already released clips mind and focus on Carol's arrival on the shuttle to the Enterprise and Kirk and Spock aboard their little ship used on Qo'nos.

You can still check back over the build up to the launch of the movie by clicking on the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness label below. Be sure to come back and check out our review of the movie and novelisation tie-in soon!

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