Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: Hours Instead of Minutes

Tick, tick, tick, tick...

It's 5.45am and I am awake. I'm awake because I can't sleep and I can't sleep because tonight, yes, TONIGHT I'm going to see Star Trek Into Darkness. 

At midnight.

This is going to be a long day.

It seems to be like the calm before the storm. There's very little movement as if we're all waiting for the first screenings later tonight...

First of all, the British Board of Film Classification have officially set the film with a 12A rating. The great news is that it was passed UNCUT so we're getting everything in the UK that everyone else is seeing. I've dropped the full text of the BBFC report here for you - just be aware that the following MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

To calm my nerves pre-movie night I dropped on four German trailers (eh?!) this morning. Nothing new to report in the big scheme of things but there were a few new pics that I managed to grab from them which might peak your interest and certainly did mine.

Carol gets physical (on the Vengeance?)
Scotty concentrates
Scotty (again - wow he's getting some coverage!) at phaser point on the Vengeance
So what was it about these pics that raised an eyebrow - the uniforms in pictures one and three look a lot similar to the one of Admiral Marcus we saw yesterday (here, left)....are we seeing a distinct link here? Am I going to be correct that he's got more of a prominent role than we thought. In fact back at the start of the campaign I suggested something along the lines of Peter Weller having a bigger villain role than Harrison because the latter seemed to be so in-your-face in the marketing material. Not that I'm putting two and two together in any way, whatsoever.

Add to that the new JJ feature in which he discusses upping the ante from the first film in '09, the way the characters evolved and how much he'll miss them all again (awww). He describes Harrison as a lot more complex adversary than they faced in Nero as well as where loyalties, and trust lie to deal with such a dangerous opponent. There are some shots from behind the scenes but mainly just listen to JJ talking about the movie - it seems like he might actually have enjoyed making it (shock!)

Spot the Enterprise in the background (and the Bad Robot)
With Chris Pine
On the Nibrui planet set with Karl Urban
Also it's been good news for the US audience with the announcement that the film will now be opening on Wednesday May 15th from 8pm although those screenings are sure to sell out (if not already) in record time. Overall it will open a day earlier on Thursday May 16th rather than Friday May 17th according to the Daily Mail website earlier today. Selected cast and JJ were in attendance at the Mexico City premiere with Saldana and Eve once again taking a lot of the limelight.

Over on Are You #The1701 there's the request to send in THE1701 creations via Vine or Twitter using the #the1701 I am. of course, working on mine right this second for publication....actually, here you go...looks like we managed to sneak our shot in there today (can you spot it?)

So this is it, the final reminder that you can see all of the other updates via the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness label below. remember I'll be updating through the day so keep dropping back for more info!

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